Essays on Constitution

Essays on Constitution

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Constitution of India Essay

The constitution of India became effective on 26th January 1950; though it was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November 1949. It was written by a drafting committee headed by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. It is the longest written constitution that defines the power, procedures …

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Problem Solution essay example

State your problem as clearly and precisely as you can. In Texas, there have been a few amendments to the constitution about the seat of the senator. There were times the term would not surpass four years different occasions the term would not surpass six …

ConstitutionElectionProblem SolutionTexas
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The Powers of the Prime Minister

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to describe and discuss the powers of the British Prime Minister and which implications arise from his position for the government and politics. This essay will consist of three parts. In the first part the main powers of …

ConstitutionGermanyPrime Minister
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To Study of the Law of the Constitution

Introduction A V Dicey described the rule of law as “one of two pillars upon which our constitution rests, the other being the sovereignty of parliament.” [1] This immediately brings emphasis to the view that ourUK constitution values the rule of law as well as …

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Constitution of the United Kingdom

Introduction The protection of rights and freedom of citizens and others within their jurisdiction is a basic duty of the state. In a majority of democratic states, fundamental rights are defined and protected through a written constitution. Under the United Kingdom’s, uncodified constitution, rights and …

ConstitutionEssay ExamplesJusticeKing Tut
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The Contractual effect of a company’s articles of association

“The extent of the contractual effect of a company’s articles has long been a subject of controversy generating much academic debate, interest and at times consternation.”Griffin, S Companies Act 2006 – altering the contractual effect of the articles of associationCompany Law Newsletter (2010), pages 1-4. …

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European Politics Assignment

ABSTRACT It is the purpose of this paper to consider the effect that European integration of member states has had on national Parliaments. INTRODUCTION The recent constitutional developments of the judiciary will be discussed and how their increase of functions has led to a limitation …

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What Is the Role of Constitutional Conventions?

Abstract The UK does not have a written constitution and as such there is a heavy reliance on the constitutional conventions. This analysis considers the importance of the conventions and concludes that these conventions do indeed play a crucial role in the smooth running of …

ConstitutionEssay ExamplesJustice
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To What Extent Was the Constitution a Radical Departure from the Articles of Confederation

Question: To what extent was the Constitution a radical departure from the Articles of Confederation? Thesis: Due to the fact that the Articles of Confederation were causing problems, the U. S. adopted the Constitution that solved the problems in the weak government including no executive …

Articles Of ConfederationConstitutionJustice
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Articles of Confederation : an Ineffective Government

Articles of Confederation : An Ineffective Government Whoever said that the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government was completely incorrect. The United States were not united under this government. The United States could not stand up for itself against other …

Articles Of ConfederationGovernmentTax
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Did Women Gain from the Revolution

Women’s place before and after the revolution was no different. They were regarded not as masters of the house nor the maternal backbones of great men, but they were almost possessions of husbands, property no more or less valuable than slaves. According to Forrest McDonald, …

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To what extent were political, economic

To what extent were political, economic, and social development between the Revolutionary War and the ratification of the Constitution, a reflection of the colonists’ dreams for independence. BY ALULAR During the settling of the New World, the European colonists underwent many situations that caused the …

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United States Government – The Constitution

A few hundred years ago, a large group of men gathered in one big room to establish a Constitution that would lay down the basic set up of the United States of America. This new constitution covered everything from government to the rights of all …

ConstitutionGovernmentJusticeUnited States
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National Territory of the Philippines Essay

The Constitution of the Philippines ( Filipino: Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas ) is the supreme jurisprudence of the Philippines. The Constitution presently in consequence was enacted in 1987. during the disposal of President Corazon Aquino. and is popularly known as the “1987 Constitution” .  Philippine …

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Federalist Argument for Ratification of the Constitution

Federalist Argument for Ratification of the Constitution November 18, 2010 Americans, prior to and shortly after the Revolutionary War, were strongly united under one opinion. The common belief that America ought to be an independent state, with its own system of government can be found …

ConstitutionFederalist ArgumentJustice
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What does the Constitution mean essay?
"Constitutions" are codes of regulations that aim to regulate and coordinate the functions, powers and duties of government offices and agencies. A constitution may only be one document. However, it may also contain rules, maxims, or conventions.
Why is Constitution so important?
Why is a constitutional document important? A constitution is vital because it ensures public representation when making decisions for the public. It also describes how those who have power can be held responsible to the people they serve.

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