Concern for survival, growth, and profitability

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It is therefore the vision of the company to continually grow as a retail store, both locally and globally. It has set the vision to remain the leading retail store in the United States and in any country where it has an operation. What comes along this vision is that the company will able to earn profits and revenues that can sustain further growth in the industry marked by lots of pitfalls and dangers of being brushed aside by strong rivals in terms of providing different merchandise items to the general public.

Mission Statement Since the company has already set it vision of what it should become in the future, what comes along with it is the mission statement that constitutes the following: Customer – it is the mission of the firm to cater to the general public all the merchandise that the stores sell. The store must see to it that all the necessary items in need by the general consumer public are seen on the shelves of its superstore and chain of discount stores.

Products and Services – the products and services of the stores will be quantified and put under rigorous quality control so as to assure that the consumer of the stores will only get products and services that are the best that they can get in the market. Besides this, it is the mission of the company to expand its portfolio of products and services to give more satisfactory products and services to the general public. It is therefore the mission of the company to know and investigate what are the products and services its patrons want to experience and see on the shelves of its supercenters and discount stores.

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Market – since the firm has already established its niche in the local retail industry in the United States, the whole organization will push further for the globalization process of selling it products and services to other continents and countries around the globe. Since it has already been discussed that this is the time and era of a globalized community, there is no option left for the company if it wants to grow than by embracing this process of globalization.

The establishment therefore will embark on new ways on which it can penetrate various markets in other countries where the possibility and opportunity of earning further profits and revenues for the company is great. Technology – if this is an era of globalization, it is likewise the era of unbounded progress in technology. The company then is on a mission to use all the necessary technological advances, particularly in Information Technology, to bring a faster, reliable and efficient products and services to its loyal patrons.

Concern for survival, growth, and profitability – since it has already been mentioned, the vision of the company for itself is to continuously grow as a company. More than that, the company will see to it that its ability to adapt to the different challenges being put by other rivals in the industry are meet correspondingly. It is the mission therefore of this great organization to sustain and maintain the financial growth that it has been experiencing since it was first founded. Philosophy -- it is the philosophy of this company to serve the consumer public with all its collected resources: financially-wise and intellectually-wise.

It is the mission of this company to give what the public deserves from the retail store that vouches for the quality and highest standard for its products and services. It is the firm goal of this organization to bring about the best that could possibly give to its patrons. The company sees no other way to do this by giving nothing but by putting the highest quality products on the shelves of its supercenters and discount stores and giving the best service that can be found in the retail business.

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