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To Whom It May Concern

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I am writing this letter in hope of consideration to your fine academic institution.  I know there are some irregularities in my recent academic past and I hope this letter can clear some of those things up as well as reassure you that I take the responsibilities of my academic career very seriously and intend to maintain the academic standard of your institution.

First, let me take the time to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to apply to your school.  I selected your school for its proud history in our area as well as the course curriculum that you offer.  Several friends have recommended the university positively as a great place to learn and succeed so I hope too to be able to thrive there.

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As you may be aware, the last semester at my previous institution was rather disastrous resulting in a 1.71 overall GPA for the term.  I am quite ashamed at such a low score, however I wish to assure you that it is the result of a very tragic and unusual situation and not academic negligence.

My mother fell quite ill during the term and was unable to work and I had no choice but to take more hours at work to make up the slack.  I attempted to drop my classes per my university’s instructions, however they only dropped two of the total classes I was enlisted in, and the stress and worry from the extra work and assisting my ailing mother was simply too much, resulting in such poor grades.

My mother passed away earlier this summer, and it’s cliché to say that such a death makes you re-evaluate your life, but when you find yourself within the situation it’s quite true.  I thought of all the things my mother has done for me, and all the things she will never see me accomplish that she wanted to.

Her death put fire to my spirits in a way and encouraged me to re-enroll as soon as I could to finish what I started, an education my mother always wanted me to have.

I know university considerations are not often about sentiment, but rather about academic rigor, commitment and honesty.  However I do feel I possess these as well and feel I will be a positive addition to your student body.  I am a US Navy veteran, having spent four years in the service of our country with pride.

My time in the Navy was often met with hardship and required a will to persevere and taught me to be a stronger and more resourceful human being.  Through your institution I hope to graduate and earn my commission to continue on with my career in the US Navy.

In my application I have enclosed my naval evaluations.  These are evaluations done at regular intervals that serve as a kind of report card of our service.  While I understand my last academic term may have put a bad mark on my academic history I hope the spotless record of my naval service can help to put a bit of perspective on my long-term prospects as an academic student.  Should you require any additional documentation or assistance in reading said evaluations, please let me know.

In closing, again, thank you so much for the opportunity to continue my education and to make my mother and country proud.  I hope my admission to your university will be a fresh start for me on the road to my future career goals and happiness.

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