To Whom So Ever It May Concern

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About six months ago, I devoted a considerable amount of my time searching the Internet for an appropriate graduate school where I could utilize and advance my knowledge as well as achieve my primary goal to work in the areas of graphic and web designing.

I narrowed my choices to four graduate schools, namely, Dakota State University, Montana Tech, University of Missouri Kansas City, and University of California, San Diego Extension or UCSD. After further research my final choice was the Digital Arts Center at the UCSD. I was convinced and impressed after talking to friends, alumni and after reviewing available material about the Digital Arts Center that I had made the right choice.

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I will definitely recommend this School to anyone aspiring to make a career in the Digital Arts. Information Technology enables improved decision-making and information sharing, provides access to resources previously unavailable to business, facilitates learner-centered instructional organizations, makes possible new kinds of learning for students, and creates new professional development.

In my opinion the happiest person is that person who works in a job that interests him or her. I like to learn new skills and acquiring up to date information, because they can help me to adapt to a fast-changing world, enrich my experiences, explore my interest, and give me higher self-esteem.

I believe in the maxim that education is a constant pursuit, and that educated persons devotes their entire life to the quest for knowledge. At present I am working as an aircraft charter Coordinator and dispatcher for a private Jet firm. For the past few years I have been preparing marketing material for my company using Adobe Photoshop and this has brought to the surface my latent talent and desire to work in this fascinating field.

My competence in this field has won me numerous accolades from my employers. I am very good at computers and have an innate talent for grasping the nuances of computer hardware and software. My intention is to change my career to graphic and web designing.

A visit to your fascinating web site reveals that the courses of particular interest to me, on offer are, first, digital design and communication, which involves the working with illustrations, photography, publications, etc. This course will help me to develop comprehensive presentation skills. Second, web design and production, this course enables one to create professional level projects.

Third, multimedia production, this course makes one an expert in special effects, etc.(digital arts center, n.d). The well-qualified and experienced faculty, excellent laboratory facilities, exceptional research work and the inspiration given to students would provide me with an ideal platform for achieving my goals.

I look upon the courses offered by you as avenues to achieve my objective. I assure you that I would keep up my diligence and good demeanor during the course. I hope you find my purpose definitive and that I satisfy your requirements in respect of a promising student. I am eagerly looking forward to prove my capability in your esteemed institution.


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