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PC from a local electronics shop, he is making an offer to the shop; which is an invitation to treat. Since the local electronics shop (offered) has had acceptance on Arthur (offer)'s offer, a contract has been formed. Therefore, Arthur has the obligation to pay for the product and the local electronics shop has the obligation to deliver the product.

Though, some Issues between these 2 parties' have appeared: The PC was not running, power cable was missing and no manual was provided while Arthur has realized his check used to pay he PC was returned to him by the bank because the computer company's name was spelt Incorrectly on an "account payee only' check.

Since the power cable was mammals, the local electronics shop has obligation to provide that because the local electronics shop and Arthur has formed a contract, If not, the local electronics would be considered as breach of contract: Also, according to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, since the PC was not running, the local electronics shop has to repair the PC or refund all reasonable costs incurred in fixing he PC if Arthur required someone else to fix the PC, otherwise the electronics shop would be considered as breach of the Act.

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On the other hand, Arthur also has also had the obligation to pay for the PC, if not; Arthur has breached the contract as well. Therefore, I would advise Arthur to pay the electronics shop for the PC and collect the PC because he and the electronics shop were legally bind due to the contract. If the electronics shop failed to repair the PC and was unable to provide the power cable after he has paid the check, he should sue the electronics shop.

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