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About all of us can state we are kids of immigrants. Either our great grandparents or grandparents came to America for a better life. We know that the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are the symbols of that great dream that so many sought so many old ages ago. During a visit to Ellis Island last summer I learned that during the early 1900’s we encouraged in-migration because it was a clip when our country’s district had grown and we needed more people to assist with the continued development of our state.

Today. nevertheless. we find that in-migration is non seen as a positive for our state. but instead it is unimpeachably considered a job today in America. Immigration jurisprudence is in the intelligence a batch and in-migration policy is a large subject discussed in Congress ; it is even a major issue for Obama’s disposal. Some people in authorities believe that we should “close the door” and cut down the sum of people coming into our state ; particularly as it relates to the jobs we have had with terrorist activities.

But. I believe that the chief job with in-migration is non the legal immigrants who come here following the regulations. but instead it’s the illegal immigrants who sneak into our state over boundary lines and so put a load on our societal services and do harm to our state. So. what is the solution? Presently there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in America and that makes it merely excessively expensive and a large undertaking to merely behave all of them at one clip. so we need a better program ; something must be done. Illegal in-migration inflicts a great menace to America.

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Aside from the belief that illegal immigrants are stealing occupations from our ain citizens and the legal immigrants. but some illegal immigrants are doing offenses. In a 2006 survey from January 1999 to April 2006 about 260. 000 illegal immigrants committed about 1 million sex discourtesies in America. Besides illegal immigrants today make up 30 % prison population in America. A subject that has been on the intelligence frequently in other provinces where there is a batch of illegal immigrant offense is overcrowding of prisons. Many illegal immigrants are coming over and do offenses and jeopardizing the American citizens.

But non all illegal immigrants are bad some illegal immigrants are here because they are seeking to do a better unrecorded for themselves. Illegal in-migration besides has a great cost every bit good. Illegal immigrant families imposed. in entire. costs transcending $ 26 billion for the federal authorities. while these immigrants paid merely 16 billion dollars in federal revenue enhancements. hence making a financial shortage of $ 10. 4 billion per twelvemonth at the federal degree. The largest subscribers to this shortage were Medicaid with $ 2. 5 billion. medical intervention for the uninsured with $ 2. 2 billion. food-assistance plans with $ 1. billion. the federal prison and tribunal systems with $ 1. 6 billion. and federal assistance to schools with $ 1. 4 billion.

While I believe there are excessively many illegal immigrants to hold them all deported. I do believe that those illegal immigrants who are taking up condemnable activities are the 1s that should be deported ; instead than set in our already overcrowded gaols. I think the other illegal immigrants who really want to go a citizen and do a life for themselves should be able to come frontward. and if they pass condemnable background cheques and pay fees and punishments. they can so be eligible for a probationary legal position.

Agricultural workers and those who entered as kids should besides be eligible for the same plan. This would supply a procedure and a manner to command the sum of people coming to the state. These persons would wait until bing legal in-migrations become citizens. so they can acquire in line to go a legal immigrant. I think another thing that could be done is have a startup visa for immigrants who want to come here and get down a concern. If their concern does turn further and is successfu. they should so hold the option to remain for good.

This would make more occupations and beef up the community. I think we should besides hold plans set up that would assist new immigrants coming over discovery occupations or a list of people to name for work. I besides think we should hold plans to verify the eligibility of a worker to assist employers find people who are available to work. In the president’s program he had a plan called E-verify. I agree with his program to spread out the usage of this plan. One of the last things I think we should hold in our in-migration policy is something that encourages instruction.

For illustration. immigrant kids who attend college could besides gain recognition toward citizenship. I besides believe that all immigrants registering for lasting position should besides be required to larn English within 5 old ages of their reaching. It’s crazy that our state spends all that money and clip with “English as 2nd language” categories in schools and in communities. If I decided to travel unrecorded in Italy. that authorities would non get down to interpret all their marks and advertisement so that I could understand it. Nor would they pay for me to go to particular categories to larn their linguistic communication.

If I decided to populate and work in Italy. it would be my duty to larn the Italian linguistic communication before I go at that place or try to go a citizen at that place. Unfortunately. in-migration continues to be a job chiefly because our state can’t handle the immense inflow of people desiring to come here. Although our state was founded by “immigrants” . we no longer are capable of covering with all the other issues like instruction. occupations. health care and lodging. that come with leting more people to come to our state. I understand there is no easy reply. but I do believe we need to do certain we are protecting our state and our citizens foremost.

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