Essays on Contract

Essays on Contract

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Contract? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place.Contract essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Contract, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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The Duties of an Agent to Principal

The duties of an agent depend primarily on the contract of agency if there is one. Subject to any such express terms, the agent owes a number of implied duties or obligations to his principal. It is the agency relationship as such that gives rise …

ContractEssay ExamplesJustice
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All Contracts Are Agreements but Not All Agreements

According to section 2(a) of Indian Contract Act states that, “every promise on every set of promises forming the consideration for each other an agreement. An agreement is a form of cross reference between different parties, which may be written, oral and lies upon the …

Words 697
Pages 3
Capacity Contract Law

Question 1(i) Phing, 17 years old daughter of a wealthy businessman is currently studying at a University College at Kelana Jaya. She bought a luxury car Audi R8 worth RM 900,000. The car has now been delivered but she is unable to payfor it. Firstly, …

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My Mother Never Worked

Chris Godkin D. Maggard English 1113, 323 19, September 2012 My Mother Never Worked In the story “My Mother Never Worked,” Bonnie Smith-Yackel recalls the time she contacted the Social Security service about her mother’s death benefits. At that time, Bonnie was put on hold …

Words 786
Pages 3
Mistake vs Misrepresentation

A mistake is inadvertent and only an error on the part of the person committing it while misrepresentation is often wilful or intentional, done with the intention of gaining wrongfully. The main difference between Mistake and Misrepresentation is that in the case of Mistake one …

Words 710
Pages 3
Investigation to Find the Water Potential of Potato and Carrot Tubers

An investigation to find the water potential of potato and carrot tubers in a sucrose solution, of concentration 0. 00 – 0. 50Mol, over a 24 hour period Interpretation Written Communication C1 From our graph it can be seen that the concentration of sucrose solution …

Words 1262
Pages 5
The Role of the Quantity Surveying Profession within the contemporary Built Environment

Before discussing the role of the quantity surveyor, it’s very important to get an idea about the built environment where the quantity surveyor works. Simply the built environment means human made buildings, cities, roads and surroundings etc.. that could provide an environment for their activities. …

Words 2055
Pages 8
Law of Sale of Goods (Part I)

Introduction The Sale of Goods Act 1957 (Revised 1989) is the statute applicable to sale of goods in Peninsular Malaysia. For Sabah and Sarawak, the law of sale of goods is governed by Section 5(2) of the Civil Law Act 1956. It provides that: „The …

Words 5609
Pages 21
Case of Ebrahimi vs Westbourne Galleries Ltd

In the case of Ebrahimi v Westbourne Galleries Ltd, the House of Lords considered passing off or a winding-up order on ‘just and equitable’ ground under section 222 of the Companies Act 1948 which section carried the statute before the introduction of section 122 of …

Words 792
Pages 3
Flexible Firm Hrm

Assignment 2 (a)Outline the main forms of flexibility as defined in Atkinson’s (1984) model of the flexible firm (b) What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Atkinson model? ANSWER PLAN: ?Introduction/Background oWhat are the aims of flexibility oGuest (1987) de-centralisation helps to …

ContractHuman Resource ManagementOutsourcing
Words 918
Pages 4
Partnership Case Law

This section of the website provides access to all cases summarised in the Partnership Law Updates which have been issued since January 2000 to date. Therefore this Archive operates as a guide to some of the interesting partnership cases decided in common law jurisdictions in …

Words 8700
Pages 32
July at the Multiplex

DATE:June 12, 2012 TO:Mr. Plex, Owner, Royal 16 Theater FROM: Team 8 RE:Analysis of Liability for Fraud Based off of your request, we have completed an analysis concerning Royal 16 Theater’s liability for fraud assumed by the customer, Tommy. Please contact us if any additional …

ContractEssay ExamplesFraudStatistics
Words 3206
Pages 12
Universalism vs. Particularism

Universalism vs. Particularism is a concept forwarded by Fons Trompenaars, a Dutch author. Basically, this dimension asks if which is more important to you, rules or relationships. The Universalist, or rule-based, approach is roughly: “What is good and right can be defined and ALWAYS applies. …

ContractEssay ExamplesMorality
Words 702
Pages 3
Case Analysis: the Bribery Scandal at Siemens AG

The Siemens bribery scandal brought to light a strategic dilemma facing multi-national firms attempting to gain a competitive edge by operating abroad; specifically, how can they balance adherence to their own ethical and legal standards with the customs required to do business efficiently, or perhaps …

Words 1697
Pages 7
Vicarious Liability Critical Essay

Acknowledgment I would take this opportunity to thank the people who helped me in making this project which has been a learning experience. In that endeavor, first and foremost I would express my gratitude toward my professor of Law of Torts Ms. Manjula Batra. Her …

Words 3976
Pages 15
International Management – Supreme Canning Company

Was the chairman of the US company wrong for not having found out In advance about Japanese business practice? Not seek information Yes it was wrong for not having found out in advance about Japanese business practice. The tomato market In US has not been …

Words 856
Pages 4
Discount and Hawkins

Discount and Hawkins Case Case Synopsis The subject matter of the case is presented as a negotiation between a real estate developer, Hawkins, and a possible anchor tenant, Discount Marketplace. Both parties are represented by professional negotiators: Myra Hart is representing the Hawkins Company and …

Words 1054
Pages 4
A Critical Study on the Contributions of Sir Henry Maine

Whereas Savings and his followers invoke history in the name of tradition, custom and nation against the belief n conscious and rational law making, the second movement, which one might call philosophical histories, develops a definite legal philosophy from the evolution of history.  The exponents …

ContractEssay ExamplesJustice
Words 3593
Pages 14
Modes of Acceptance

An acceptance must be communicated for it to be effective and valid. The mental assent of both parties is not required but the external manifestation should exist. The acceptor must dos something in order to notify his acceptance. For example, he should communicate his acceptance …

Common LawContractLaw
Words 4123
Pages 15
Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health Social Care

Understanding Employment Responsibilities and Rights in Health Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work List the aspects of employment covered by law. Almost every aspect of employment is covered …

Words 1626
Pages 6
The Impact of the Activities of Quacks on the Practice of Real Estate

INTRODUCTION Background to the Study The notion of professionalism is based upon a practitioner in whatever vocational field to serve not only his client but also the society at large. This implies the need to maintain a high degree of ethical responsibility and conduct, because …

ContractEssay ExamplesJustice
Words 10084
Pages 37
Business Law. Hire Purchase

Sam is a successful second-hand dealer. He decides to reward his staff buys buying a fridge and a microwave oven for their use. He wants to enter into a hire purchase agreement to help him finance the two goods. Advise Sam whether these goods will …

Business LawContractGoodsHire Purchase
Words 1826
Pages 7
Law of Contract

The issue is whether the transfer of house is acceptable and valid under Sec 26 of CA 1950. The law applicable are Sec 26 of CA has stated that agreement made without consideration is void. According to Sec 2(d) of CA, consideration is an act …

AdoptionContractContract LawJustice
Words 752
Pages 3
The Motives for Holding Inventory Explained

In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, retailers stock their inventory with dozens of Christmas items in anticipation of the holiday rush. When Christmas has passed, the store is left with Christmas items that did not sell. To make room for the next …

ChristmasContractInventory ManagementRetail
Words 510
Pages 2
Ap Euro Calendar Dbq

Explain the reasons for the adoption of a new calendar in revolutionary France and analyze reactions to it in the period 1789 to 1806. The adoption of the revolutionary calendar to replace the Gregorian calendar took place on November 24, 1793 by the National Convention. …

Words 998
Pages 4
Contract Scenario

Recently, Danny Davidson sold a family home to his friends Paul and Priscilla Peterson whereby entering into a $250,000 verbal agreement for the purchase of new home. However, Danny neglected to tell Paul and Priscilla about Ned the neighbor and the emerging dispute pertaining to …

ContractEssay ExamplesJusticeMediation
Words 76
Pages 1
Bat Case Report

Executive Summary BAT is a technology that sells financial software to individuals and organizations. BAT’s success had attracted a number of competitors. BAT differentiated itself by committing to free tech support for the life of the product. BAT started its call center operations in 1987 …

Words 1096
Pages 4
Notes of Commercial Law

Contracts (C3, pg 58) Nature of contract – Legal relationship consisting of the right and promises constituting an agreement between the parties that give each party a legal duty to the other and also the right to seek for breach of those duties. Consensus ad …

Words 1859
Pages 7
Remedies – Contracts Act 1950

REMEDIES • method by which an injured party enforces a right or corrects a loss. It will depend on the nature of breach and the result will be differ between parties. The remedies available for breach of contract are: 1) RESCISSION • An equitable remedy …

Words 1700
Pages 7
Compare the Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees

When I spoke to the employer of the local paper shop, he told me that he shares many different rights and responsibilities with his employee’s and they are the Health and Safety act and the Conditions of Employment. The Health and Safety act sets out …

Words 258
Pages 1
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A contract is a legally enforceable agreement that creates, defines, and governs mutual rights and obligations among its parties. A contract typically involves the transfer of goods, services, money, or a promise to transfer any of those at a future date.


Ratifying a contract is the act of approving the terms and conditions that are being spelled out in the document. For example, if you go on vacation and provide permission to an employee to sign a contract on your behalf, you may be then asked to ratify it.


An assignment of contract occurs when one party to an existing contract (the "assignor") hands off the contract's obligations and benefits to another party (the "assignee"). Ideally, the assignor wants the assignee to step into his shoes and assume all of his contractual obligations and rights.

Contract law cases

  • Carlill v Carbolic Smoke B...
  • Balfour v Balfour
  • Felthouse v Bindley
  • Hyde v Wrench
  • Hong Kong Fir Shipping...

Frequently asked questions

What is a contract essay?
A contract essay is an essay that discusses the formation and enforcement of contracts. The essay may discuss the different types of contracts, the elements of a contract, or the enforcement of contracts. The essay may also discuss the remedies for breach of contract.
What is a contract explain?
A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that creates legally binding obligations between the parties. A contract can be written, oral, or implied by the actions of the parties. Contracts can be for goods, services, employment, leases, or other agreements.
Why contract is important in our life?
A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. Contracts are formed when one party makes an offer and the other party accepts the offer. A contract can be oral or written, but most contracts are written.There are many reasons why contracts are important in our life. Contracts provide certainty and predictability in our relationships with others. They allow us to set expectations and agree on terms upfront, which can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes later on. Contracts also protect our rights and interests. For example, if we enter into a contract to buy a car, the contract will specify the price, delivery date, and other important details. This protects us from being taken advantage of or getting a car that is not as described.Finally, contracts enforce promises. If one party breaks the terms of the contract, the other party can take legal action to enforce the contract and get damages. This provides a strong incentive for both parties to uphold their end of the bargain.
What is contract writing?
Contract writing is the process of drafting, negotiating, and finalizing a contract. It can be a complex process, as contracts can be very long and detailed, and often involve multiple parties. The first step in contract writing is usually to draft a proposal or outline of the agreement, which is then sent to the other party or parties for review. Once the proposal is accepted, the parties will begin negotiating the terms of the contract, which can take some time. Once the terms are agreed upon, the contract is typically written up in a more formal document and signed by all parties.

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