Short Essay Writing: Make Your Essay Brief and Informative

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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Short essay writing is often practiced in large classes. Students are asked to present their critical view point, consider some ideas or review information. Writing short essays exclude extended time-consuming research and experiment.

However, deep insight into the subject matter should prove your ability to discuss ideas concisely.

Writing tips which will make your essay concise

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  • Mind the size. Collect information and evidences, which take less space but are more informative. Short essay writing sticks to the same pattern consisting of introduction, main body and conclusion. The difference is that the main body contains three paragraphs. Thus, you can find three strong arguments and proceed to writing short essays.
  • Make your essay informative. Do not plough the sand; a small size does not imply superficial knowledge and perfunctory conclusions.
  • Use key words. Short essay writing highlights the importance of inner coherence. For this purpose use key words and their substitutes in order to keep reader’s attention and remind on the main idea of the work.
  • Carefully choose precise words. Writing short essays, you are restricted by time and space limits. Try to express your ideas as precisely as possible. Use concrete words and brief formulations.
  • Short essay writing implies expressing one’s own opinion along with presenting evidences. Supporting details should follow in logical succession. Use apt quotations and figures if necessary.
  • Writing short essays in terms of coherence embraces use of synonyms. Actually, there is no possibility for repetitions. That is why the language of your work should be precise, but rich. Do not make your short essay abound in specific terms. They complicate understanding and bring to confusion.
  • Writing short essays, mind grammar mistakes and misprints. High concentration of tiny drawbacks can spoil an impression from a very informative and deep essay.

Successful short essay writing has many preconditions. Review information, express your opinion and present your ideas writing short essays with proper coherence.

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