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Finally, the memories she gave Truman allowed him to truly question his identity and his life by Glenn him a reason. Overall, she Is a very Influential figure, through the power of love, as love has the ability to change people and Inspire leaps of faith. Firstly, by falling in love with Truman, Lauren created a connection with him, a true' connection in a world where there is none. When he reciprocates and follows her, Christopher tries to stop Lauren from telling Truman the truth about his world, that It Is fake.

But he partly falls, as Lauren tells Truman that his life Is a lie, that everything he knows isn't real. But when Laurel's 'father' takes her away, Truman knows something is wrong, what Lauren was telling him might be the truth. However, he has no proof, so he keeps on living his day to day life, thinking of her, which is the power that love holds over him. The camera shots that show Trauma's reaction to Lauren being taken away are mainly close up and low angled shots, which emphasizes his shock and frustration at the sudden loss of Lauren.

The extreme lose ups of Laurel's face shows her longing to tell Truman the truth and her frustration at the actor who was taking her away from him. The rest of the movie all came about because of her, and her actions in showing Truman towards the light. Secondly, Lauren set up a campaign once she had been kicked out of the set, and worked hard to free Truman from his artificial prison. This shows the lengths she would go to for the sake of love and ethics. In this, she is following her moral compass and fighting for what she believes Is right, that people should not be caged s animals, they should be free.

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She even confronts the director, Christopher at a key scene, by calling Tarantula, The Truman Shows advertising side. The different sets showing the contrast in themes between Laurel's apartment where she was fighting with Christopher in his moon base, as the real world's setting is more homely and realistic compared with the artificial, hi-tech computer lined moon base that controls the actions of all the actors on Shaven. This contrast helps emphasis the different beliefs of both sides of the argument; Lauren with saying that trapping

Truman in a false world is wrong while Christopher believes it is right so long as it is a perfect world. By arguing with Christopher, Lauren confirms through ethical morals that trapping Truman in an artificial reality is wrong and shows how hard she will fight to confirm this. Finally, the memories Lauren gave Truman allowed him to truly question his Identity and his life by giving him a reason. Lauren wasn't present In ten current set Itself, yet Airman remembered near, love spurring ml on to construct a picture of her out of bits and pieces from magazines of women.

This and her cardigan from the night when she was taken away, with a badge saying 'how will it end' is a leading symbol of the truth, predicting how the end will come about. Through her love with Truman, she made it inevitable that he would try to follow, and leave his artificial cocoon behind him. This proves that with her presence in his past, she allows him to overcome his obstacles to reach her, proving the power that love holds in inspiring leaps of faith. Overall, Laurel's actions in contributing to Truman

Burbank escape make her a very significant character, as she gave him something that he could use to escape, the reason of love. Firstly, Lauren falls in love with Truman, giving him a real connection and partly tells him the truth about Shaven, which is emphasized by the low angled and close up camera shots showing Trauma's shocked expressions. Secondly, Lauren shows by setting up a free Truman campaign that she is morally conscious about the lives of others, especially loved ones. This is emphasized through the contrasting sets of Laurel's apartment and Christopher hi- echo moon base showing reality vs. artificiality.

Finally, Trauma's memories of Lauren allowed him to question himself and his reality because of a reason, to find out what really happened to her. Through their love of each other, it allowed Truman to escape the artificial prison that Christopher made for him and reach Lauren. So Lauren is a very significant character because of the influence she had on Truman through the power of love, and the influence that Truman had on her inspired her to fight back against Christopher and his fake world.

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