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Choose a Career

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Passion or Money Does money make people incentive toward their career or job selection? The pressure of the dream life in which everything is achieved can drive people to select a carrier or a job that isn’t their favorite. Robert Sullivan in How to Choose a career that will not get you rich discusses how society had driven people to choose something that they don’t love by saying, “These days, a good education is a must if you planning on working your entire life and ending up with little or nothing”(Sullivan 407) .

A good career is consider on how much that person will earn, that is why sometimes students aren’t motivate since what they love isn’t going to pay them as good as other careers. “How to Choose a Career That Will Not Get You Rich No Matter What Anyone Tells You” by Robert Sullivan argue that people should choose majors or jobs depending on what they are really interested in. Sullivan expresses his opinion with a sarcastic humor to poke fun of the attitude of society by given examples of mediaeval literature, wildlife biologist, and traditional music.

Sullivan states that medieval literature is “ Wonderful area of essentially not-for-profit study, and, indeed , a study of just medieval poetry will only reinforce the improbability of retiring on what you will earn, even though you may see the world as more beautiful, and , through the sight of such beauty, you will be stock-poor but soul-enhance” (Sullivan 408). In other words if a person decide to become a poetry nothing touchable will be earn however passion and love will be always present. What happens is that students start to study in career that assures them money without thinking if that is going to make them happy.

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If a person goes to Nurse School just because the high salary rate but they don’t like it is not worth it. There must be a balance between what is loved and what will pay the bills. Further, Sullivan states that “the one universal important thing to keep in mind when choosing a career that will not be making you loaded is to choose a field assured of not getting rich” (Sullivan 411). Doing what is loved is more important than doing something hated. Society needs to understand this balance and let people to choose something they want to do.

In the reading “Traditional Music “ is used to shown how personal interest like becoming a pianist is opposite of someone choosing a career that statistics indicate will manage to keep him or her alive, career such as health care, education and engineering. In this society economy health is important to survive and some careers are unsafe. Work Cited Sullivan, Robert. ““How to Choose a Career That Will Not Get You Rich No Matter What Anyone Tells You”, James S. Acting Out Culture, Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s,2011. 300-307. Print.

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