The Reason To Choose Public Relations Career

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What is the best career for you to enter after college? When such a question is posed, one has to think critically on how to answer it. One takes into consideration that there are so many options available the ‘best’ part comes in when the person chooses a career that is in line with what has been learned and that also satisfies the ambitions that one has. This will then make a difference in whether one is in employment or one is engaged in a career. A career is a lifelong idea in that no matter how many times one changes employers and colleagues, one still remains with the same titular reference.

            When answering the question, one has to evaluate what they possess in terms of the individuals character and the professional and educational experience that the person has. The education that one engages in have to be related to the sort of career that one intends to be in. the argument present in such a case will have to include all that one believes he or she has. There will therefore be on outline of the factual information that entitles the person that career and also the characteristics and virtues that he or she possesses that will make them eligible for the post. The reason why the author has chosen to study a public relations course is because he or she believes that he or she possesses the skills necessary for the job.

            This argument is to portray Derek as someone who possesses the ability to join the public relations department. For instance when he expresses his wish to work in a fast paced environment where he feels that he can be able to fully realize his own potential in dealing with other people the argument expects to finally manage to convince the audience targeted the benefit they will gain by absorbing Derek as one of their staff members. It aims to clearly outline the strengths that he has while minimizing his weaknesses and finally it has to be able to make Derek achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a member of the staff of a famous organization or persona in dealing with the public relations part of the organization. He prefers to be associated with famous people like Paris Hilton and big teams that are recognized world wide like the Chicago Bears.

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            The argument is based both the present and the future. In the present because it portrays what Derek possesses at the present time in terms of his character, abilities, capabilities and ambitions. In the achievement of the said ambitions, he will go ahead to employ his skills in the attainment and fulfillment of the same. As propounded, in the thesis statement above, Derek intends to join the public relations department and especially to work with famous and recognized people. As of right now, Derek is yet to join any such organization and as such, this can only be seen to be in the future since it tackles the possibilities that are not yet at hand. The virtues that he possesses right now are the ones that will be used in the future to help him achieve his dream of joining the public relations department.

            The argument combines three different kinds of arguments. These are the arguments of facts, of evaluation and of proposal. In the part of the argument that involves facts it presents to the intended reader what Derek already possesses. This will include the course pursued in college and the character that he portrays. In the evaluation part of the argument, Derek has already evaluated what he possesses and what is entailed in the career that he has chosen and will go ahead to conclude that he best fits in that career. In the argument, since Derek is not already in the public relations department, it will actually be outlining a proposal for the job that he prefers to be involved in after college. He is therefore proposing the best place for him to be after completing his college education.

            The reader is the audience of the argument. The person who is reading it will be the prospective employer and therefore most probably the human resource department manger or officer. It is this reader, who Derek intends to convince by the argument why he is the person who best fits in the department of public relations. The writer intends to work with famous people and/or famous organizations and hence the audience will also include the already existing public relations officer in that institution or that famous persons entourage.

            There are various techniques that an argument can use and these include logos, ethos and pathos (Behrens L. & Rosen L. pg 4-6). Taking into account that logos are a technique that appeals to logic of the reader, the argument is using the technique in suggesting that the characteristics that Derek has fits in with the job descriptions perfectly well. The ethos is based on the reputation of the speaker and thus since he is currently pursuing a human relations course at the college, it goes ahead to affirm that he is reputed to be geared towards his career of choice.   Pathos on the other hand is a technique that is used to appeal to the emotions of the reader. Derek goes ahead to show the depth of feeling he has towards the career that he has chosen and the length of time that he has had that ambition and what he has done to ensure that he realizes his dream. This appeals to the reader’s emotive aspect and elicits in the reader the feelings of wanting that person to succeed in this career (Faigley L. pg 14-23).

            Derek is the person who intends to get into a public relations career and thus he is the one making the argument. He has the task of selling himself to the reader through the argument. He is the person in need and he is addressing the person with the ability to solve the problems that he is facing. In the argument he puts forth a number of characteristics that go ahead to support his worth as he sees it and as how the significant others around him tell him and hence his reputation. By advancing that he has had a life long dream to join the public relations he provides proof by showing that this has been evaluated by his peers and significant others and found to be true. By pursuing a course related to this it actually compounds that fact.

            Derek then provides the reader with evidence of the course being pursued which is in public relations. He goes as ahead to provide testimonials gotten from prior engagements in the field and related filed where he has ever volunteered or worked part time to gain experience. The appeal is towards the faculties of the mind and also the emotional aspect of the reader. The fact is that to join the public relations department has been his life long dream. The evidence supporting the presence of this ambition is the course being undertaken in college and evidence of this is provided through testimonials gotten from the college he is enrolled in.

            The author has strived to deal with all the issues that are necessary to ensure that the argument is viable. There has been adequate presentation of all the necessary issues including those that appeal to the emotive and logical part of the audience. As it is presented, the argument is in a social-cultural setting because it deals with what Derek has managed to do so far to ensure he is able to get into the public relations career. The argument tries to show that both the audience and Derek are beneficiaries of the positive outcome of the argument in other words it is a win-win situation for both parties. The audience gains by getting a dedicated worker while Derek in turn gains by achieving his dreams and thus it serves the interests of both.

            The argument starts off by providing facts which appeal to the reasoning part of the audience and then proceeds to outline Derek’s characteristics which when combined with the facts that have already been provided lead to a logical conclusion. It then concludes with the expression of the emotional attachment the person has to the career and hence appealing to the emotional aspect of the audience. The language used is an intricate mixture of factual and emotionally appealing words that are directed to the person. It starts off on a very strong note and ends in a soft appealing language that mellows the reader into compliance.

In conclusion, one realizes that there are many ways in which one can pose an argument but what matters is what it elicits from the audience. There are various ways to achieve ones end goals and this will include using ethos, pathos and logos simultaneously or singly depending on the audience to ensure that they see the writer’s point of view to win the argument. One has to be able to appeal to all the senses of the audience. There has to be a factual aspect, a logical aspect and also an emotional aspect of the argument. The order in which the argument is placed will also determine the outcome. One has to be confident in what is being written and be able to express feelings quite well and this will aid the audience in making a decision whether the person fits into the profile they are looking for.

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