Understanding Career Profiler, Competencies, and Work Culture Preferences for Career Path

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There is many times where we reflect on our own strengths and weaknesses and what would be beneficial for our career path. We often don’t know where to start, and what type of questions to ask ourselves about which path would be the best fit for us. Understanding our career profiler, competencies, and work culture preferences can help give us insight in what direction would be the best bet. The results of my career profiler were pretty interesting.

My career matches was definitely not something I was expecting to see. Based on my answers, my best career matches would be a counselor, social worker, and other community and social service specialists, teacher and / or instructor, and preschool, primary, secondary, and special education school teachers. I definitely would consider being a social service specialists or a preschool teacher. I actually saw myself in the Healthcare career path as a nurse at one point or some type of employee in the healthcare industry.

The competencies activities have revealed my strengths are in cooperating as the highest, adapting to change and adhering to vales as the second highest, and coping with pressure, following instructions and networking as the lowest. I agree with my strength in being cooperative considering I enjoy working with others toward a common goal. I definitely think being a teacher would best fit my cooperating strength. I actually disagree with the following instructions and networking as my lowest strengths.

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I may not like always being told what to do, but I will end up following instructions. I disagree with networking being one of my lowest. I enjoy meeting new people and creating new relationships with everyone that I meet. Possible employers that fit my provided competencies would be Hawaii Pacific Health, APS Healthcare, United Health Group and Kaiser Permanente. The work culture preference activity has determined that my ideal work environment would be high powered, well resourced, and ethical.

One type of job that aligns my work culture preference that is high powered would be an energy engineer or a businesswoman. After completing the career profiler, competencies and work culture preferences, it definitely got me down to thinking about what type of career would be in my best interest. I am still completely unsure about what career path to take. But I definitely am considering being a social worker or a preschool teacher at this point. I guess I just have to take it day by day and really find out more about myself. Only then will I find the right career path for me.

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