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What Are the Reason Some People Choose to Have Cosmetic Surgery?

In this era, there are a number of people immigrating to Canada. They are immigrating for the sake of getting enormous benefits from Canada, but they also face many problems in Canada. They have job problems because of low pay rate.

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People face another problem regarding their health. The Canadian weather is not better because it is cold, so it has bad effects on immigrants health. There are many problems for immigrants in Canada. They have culture and language problems. They cannot speak good English.

There are three main effects of immigrants social life, health, and culture. The first effect on immigration come to Canada is social life. People have problems in social life. For example, full time work does not allow immigrants to enjoy their social lives. Sometimes, they do not get time to meet their parents, and they are not able to meet their friends as well. People are in a fun exciting stage in their life, but their full time schedule for work is destroying their fun in their social life.

For instance, they cannot attend any family function and parties where they can meet their social needs of their lives. Immigrants cannot attend other function like New Year functions and parties because of busy schedule. For example, if they have family function with relatives. They do not have time for attend this function. They have a busy schedule of jobs. The second effect on immigrants to Canada is health. People get health- related problems very quickly.

For example, the Canadian weather is mostly cold and climatic conditions are quite different from other countries. Moreover, people feel homesickness when they immigrant to Canada because they miss their proximate and dear ones. Therefore, people get health problems very quickly after they immigrated to Canada. The final effect on immigrants to Canada is culture and language. People feel uncomfortable when they need to explain their views with other people and in another language. For example, some people do not know how to speak in English, so they feel odd and insecure.

To add up, every community has their own culture. People get problems when they need to adjust to another culture. They feel awkward when showing their culture to other communities. To conclude, there are negative effects on immigrant to Canada. Social life, health, and culture are three major effects of immigration for the domestic and immigrating people. They get sick and feel uncomfortable in Canada. Also, they face many problems, but the number of people immigrating in the future will increase.