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Choose the Right Major

All people go throw many stages from childhood to the end of their life.They build their dreams to become something worth in their lives such as a teacher, doctor or anything else.The most important part of these dreams to become reality is to choose the right major.

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Many people said students should decide what they want to be before they start studying in university. I disagree with them because students at university get help from their friends or teachers to choose their career. In addition to that, many students are changing their decision of major when they start studying at the university.

The first reason is, teachers encourage the student to decide the best major according to their personality. Also, their friends help them to choose their major. When students go to university, and start study they begin to communicate with other people [listening]. From those people students take some experiences, and decide what they want to study. For example, students can ask anyone from the student service to give them more information generally about the major and the majors which are available in the university, and also about the major that they want to study.

The second reason is, many students change their majors when they go to university. According to the reading A, “about 80 percent of students who start college switch their major at least one time”. This is because when students start study they got more information about their majors, and they understand what they want to study so they change their majors. For example, in the university students study many subjects to help them to decide which major they want.

In conclusion, in this essay I disagree that is necessary for students to know their major before interning the university because students can get some help from their friends who have experiences or from their teachers. Also, many students take time to decide what they want and change their major many times. I think in the future the government will give some courses to the students before they go to the university to help them to decide what they want to study and give them more information about their major.

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