Causes of world war

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Source based World war one, a great European war, nations conflicted and divided, aligning themselves with their own allies. World war one war one was a war not born from profound causes but triggered by a continents own insolence, competition and whom a nation was allied with. Each of the European nations had their own goals and motives as to why they did what they did. Some fought to preserve the interests that best served their nation, some fought to retaliate and some fought to become the king of Europe.

A country like France ho pushed and encouraged nationalism and militarism was viewed as a powerful nation but because of Its strong policies It was also recognized as a huge threat to other European nations. A war seemed to be beneficial to every nation. Everybody was fending for themselves, For France if a war did break out especially between Germany and Russia, France would be able to attain previously lost lands from Germany. Lace and Lorraine, and this would only be a great outcome for France. Germany was another rising nation at the time, her and Russia had conflicts and a war between them seemed inevitable.

Russia was trying to recover from a revolution that had occurred less than a decade ago. They had a big army but their soldiers were not well trained and their military was not well equipped to take on a nation Like Germany. Russia posed a threat to Germany but seeing as how Russia was not ready for a war, at least not yet, this was Germany's opportunity to attack and eliminate Russia as a potential future threat. Germany only cared about herself, not other nations, not even Austria. (SOURCE B) Germany provoked a war between Austria and Serbia because Russia was going to Intervene and Germany loud have their chance.

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This was wishful thinking on the part of Germany. They did not want bloodshed or war, yet they provoked one because it served their nations best Interests. Another powerful nation was Britain, a country that was mostly neutral and wanted no part in war. Britain had a huge naval base that controlled most of the ports at sea; this trading system was highly beneficial for Britain because it was how their economy held up. Their economy was stable and that can only mean good things, but with a rising nation like Germany, Britain's economy was at stake.

Britain needed to stay at the top and Germany wanted to be at the top, there was only room for one, with this two powerful nations competing, a war was dawning, and so Britain allied with France to fight against Germany. Without Britain France would have lost miserably and Germany would have gained control over some of the ports threatening Britain's supremacy over the waters. Each country was doing what was best for their own. Russia was the other nation fighting to get a stronger foothold in Europe, and just like the there nations, her too was serving her own interests.

The Russians choose to align with Serbia because they both had similar political views and were both Slavic countries. This was a difficult time for Russia because of revolution that had occurred not so long ago. The Tsar was losing control and his influence over the Russian 1 OFF land in Europe and hope for that brings peace within Russia. World war one was not motivated by aggression but by mere agency of solidifying one's nation as part of the European continent instead of ending up as an annexed territory in one's nation.

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