Essays on American Civil War

Essays on American Civil War

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To What Extent Was Slavery the Cause of the American Civil War?

In the context of the period 1763-1865, how far was the American Civil War caused by long term divisions over the issue of slavery? In his second inaugural address in March 1865, Abraham Lincoln looked back at the beginning of the Civil War four years …

American Civil WarCivil WarSlavery
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In What Way the African Americans Shaped the Course and Consequences of the Civil War

In what way the African Americans shaped the course and consequences of the Civil War? Confine your answer to the years from 1861 and 1870. Immediately after the election and inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, the newly-established Republican Party’s presidential nominee, eleven states of the South …

African AmericanAmerican Civil WarCivil War
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Across Five Aprils

In the book Across Five Aprils, by Irene Hunt, is set in the 1800’s during the civil war between the Union, the northern parts of America, and the confederation, the southern parts of America. The story sets off on a farm in southern Illinois, where …

American Civil War
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American Civil War Research Paper

The deadliest war in American history is known as the American Civil War killing nearly 620,000 soldiers and a mass amount of civilians. The War Between the States was fought between Southern slave states and the United States federal government. Southern states formed a group …

American Civil WarCivil War
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Bleeding Kansas

In this paper I will point out some events leading to Bleeding Kansas, one of the cruelest wars in history. I would also like to include some facts about John Brown, an abolitionist who led his men to the Border Wars, which caused $400,000 worth …

American Civil WarPoliticsUnited States
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Pages 3
Clara Barton

Clara Barton was a true pioneer and humanitarian. She is a well known woman in American history due to her participation in the Civil War and her founding of the American Red Cross. She became a teacher at a time where most teacher’s were men. …

American Civil WarBattle of AntietamBelief
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Influence of Women on American History Through the Civil War

The Influence of Women on the Founding of America and Through 1877 Kelley Swatsenbarg Wayland Baptist University – San Antonio Center Mr. Thomas Gaj May 4, 2010 The Influence of Women on the Founding of America and Through 1877 Throughout the many years of history, …

American Civil WarCivil WarWomen
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Roles of Women in the American Civil War

The American Civil War was, as all wars are, affected not only by the men fighting on the battlefield, but by the women who served on the home front, in military hospitals, and occasionally next to men on the battlefield. Just as women influenced the …

American Civil WarCivil WarWomen
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Blockade Runners

Blockade Runners. A blockade runner is usually a lighter-weight ship used for evading a naval port. Often blockade running is done in order to transport cargo, for example to bring food or arms to blockade a city. Other times blockade runners would carry mail in …

American Civil WarMilitary
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Wilmot Proviso

It could be said that the American Civil War was brought on by Americans need to expand its territories and the one sided Mexican War. The whole debate or controversy over this expansion was David Wilmot’s (and his squad of backers: Hamlin, Brinkerhoff, and King) …

American Civil WarSlaveryUnited States
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Essay on the Emancipation Proclamation Announcement

Emancipation Proclamation announcement made by president Lincoln during the Civil War; emancipated all black slaves in States still engaged in rebellion against Union; went into affect January 1, 1863. Fort Sumter – a fort located in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina; the location of the start …

Abraham LincolnAmerican Civil WarMilitary
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Cultural Event Report

The one thing that I don’t really like is a lot of singing but the acting was extraordinary. The cast was dressed in beautiful brightly colored costumes. The main characters of course were Belle, the Beast, Gaston, and Belle’s father, Maurice. The main thing I …

American Civil WarEvent
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American Civil War

The civil war ended many problems, but it also created many. Slavery was abolished, supremacy of the national government was confirmed and secession had been refuted. Reconstruction did not last very long, in fact it lasted for twelve years. Even though the northern states won, …

American Civil WarCivil WarInjusticeJusticeRacismSlavery
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Essay about American Civil War

The South States of the United States dependent upon agriculture as a source of foreign and domestic exchange and therefore held a negative feeling about abolition of slavery. Nevertheless in order to save the image of the constitution as a legal binding document that granted …

American Civil WarCivil War
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American Civil War was not just the war of ideology

According to fundamentalist historians the American Civil War was not just the war of ideology: freedom versus slavery. The more significant reason was the power struggle initiated between free states and slave states due to the economic and political implications of slavery. Why common people …

American Civil WarCivil WarMilitary
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Freedman’s Bureau

Freedmen’s Bureau is also known as “the Ex-Slave’s Friend” was created on March 4th of 1865 during the Reconstruction era by the U.S. government as a federal agency and a part of the United States Department of War to help the newly released and freed …

American Civil WarPoliticsUnited States
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The Causes of the American Civil War

The American Civil War is one of the most significant and controversial periods in American history. The Civil War was caused by mounting conflicting pressures, principles, and prejudices, fueled by differences and pride, and set into motion by unlikely set of political events. The war …

American Civil WarCauses Of The Civil WarCivil War
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The Sectional Struggle, Reborn: 1848-1854

APUSH Study Guide 17 The Sectional Struggle, Reborn, 1848-1854 Themes/Constructs: The sectional conflict over the expansion of slavery that erupted after the Mexican War was temporarily silenced by the Compromise of 1850, but Douglas’s Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 re-ignited the issue again. In the 1850s …

Abraham LincolnAmerican Civil WarCompromise of 1850
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Manifest Destiny and the Issue of Slavery as the Causes of the Conflict in the Civil War

Manifest Destiny in combination with the slavery issue greatly contributed to secession and Civil War. Manifest Destiny was the idea that the US was chosen by God to populate the Americas. The 1800s were a time of expansion but every time the US gained land …

American Civil WarManifest DestinyWars
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Handout the American Civil War

Handout “A House Divided”: Towards the American Civil War, 1831-1861 Causes of the American Civil War Social-economic differences between North and South Regional conflict about over slavery in unorganized territories Break-up of national political party system; emergence of new party system based on region (i. …

American Civil WarCivil WarSlavery
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Causes of the American Civil War

A common assumption to explain the cause of the American Civil War was that the North was no longer willing to tolerate slavery as being part of the fabric of US society. Also, that the political power brokers in Washington were planning to abolish slavery …

American Civil WarCauses Of The Civil WarCivil War
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African Americans in the Civil War

Roman Robinson Kristen Anderson HIST 3060 February 25, 13 African Americans and the Civil War The role African Americans played in the outcome, and the road to the outcome of the Civil War was immense. The fact that the south had slaves and the north …

African AmericanAmerican Civil WarCivil War
Words 1885
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Causes of Sino Indian War 1962

The Struggle for Decolonization By the end of World War II many colonies that had been under the influence of British and French rule wanted there independence from the imperial powers. The idea of decolonization, the resign of all colonial possessions by imperial powers, spread …

American Civil WarHistoryIndian WarWarsWorld War Ii
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American Civil War History Overview

The American civil war took place between 1861 and 1865. More than 600,000 people died and this made the civil war the worst around that time. (more…)

American Civil WarCivil WarSlavery
Words 23
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After failing

Europe was needed as an ally because if Lincoln had dated that he wanted the abolishment of all slavery in all territories then Europe would have joined the war which have resulted in a much more complicated situation, meaning the North would have lost. The …

American Civil WarMilitaryPoliticsSlavery
Words 377
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Fort Sumter: A Turning Point in the Civil War

Fort Sumter was a turning point in determining the outcome of the Civil War. Fort Sumter was built on a man-made island of seashells and granite. It was a pentagon shape that was fifty feet high and the walls were eight to twelve feet thick. …

Abraham LincolnAmerican Civil WarMilitaryNationalismWars
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African Americans in Civil War

When the Civil War began in 1861 it began for many political reasons all of the reasons were affected by slavery, but the war was not entirely about slavery. It is a belief that President Lincoln and the north started the war because they were …

African AmericanAmerican Civil WarCivil War
Words 583
Pages 3
Essential Questions

While the North veered toward a mechanical future of efficiency and invention the Southern dependence on their cotton industry kept them at a stand still. By 1877 prior t o the compromise which ended Southern Reconstruction the Southern economic system was in a steady decline …

American Civil WarManifest DestinySlavery
Words 461
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American Civil War and Amendment Source

It explains the basics about why the 14th Amendment was passed. It also does give many other cool facts that you could find useful. This Includes the fact that the congress had to vote for the amendment to be passed. It also does explain how …

AmendmentsAmerican Civil WarCivil War
Words 278
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The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States between the Union and the Confederacy. The central cause of the war was the status of slavery, especially the expansion of slavery into territories acquired as a result of the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican–American War.

United States, Southern United States, Atlantic Ocean , Western United States


Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis


Apr 12, 1861 – Apr 9, 1865


First battle: First Battle of Bull Run

Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis

Frequently asked questions

What is the american civil war?
The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865, mainly in the Southern United States. It started after several Southern states seceded from the United States, forming the Confederate States of America. The main cause of the war was the disagreement over the issue of slavery and states’ rights. The war resulted in the death of over 620,000 Americans, the vast majority of whom were soldiers in the Union army.
How to write american civil war essay?
When writing an essay on the American Civil War, there are a number of things to consider. The first is to decide which topics you want to focus on. For example, you may want to focus on the causes of the war, the major battles, or the effects of the war. Once you have decided on your focus, you need to gather information and evidence to support your argument. This can be done through research in libraries or online, or by talking to people who have knowledge about the Civil War. Once you have your information and evidence, you need to start writing your essay. Begin by introducing your topic and providing some background information. Then, start developing your argument by presenting your evidence and explaining how it supports your thesis. Be sure to address counterarguments and refute them with your evidence. Finally, conclude your essay by restating your thesis and summarizing your argument.
How to start american civil war essay?
It depends on the focus of the essay. However, some tips on how to start an essay on the American Civil War could include:- Outlining the main events that led up to the war, such as the election of Abraham Lincoln and the secession of the Southern states.- Discussing the key causes of the war, such as slavery and states' rights.- Examining the key military engagements of the war, such as the Battle of Gettysburg.- Analyzing the impact of the war on American society, both during and after the conflict.- exploring the legacy of the American Civil War in contemporary America.
What Caused The American Civil War
The American Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865, mainly in the Southern United States. It started as a conflict between the pro-slavery Confederate States of America, made up of 11 southern states that seceded from the United States, and the anti-slavery Union states, made up of 23 northern states. The primary cause of the war was the disagreement over the issue of slavery and states’ rights. The Confederacy wanted to keep slavery while the Union wanted it abolished. Other factors that played a role in the outbreak of the war included economic disagreements, differing interpretations of the Constitution, and the election of Abraham Lincoln as president.

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