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Causes of World War vocab

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The Tsarina, Alexandra, thought he was a miracle and welcomed him to the royal family. That's when he started Glenn bad advice to Tsar Nicolas. 3. Militarism Militarism is the belief that a country should have a strong military and to be prepared to use it whenever the country needs protection. Militarism is significant because this is part of the main causes of WWW. All the powers wanted to have a good military to be prepared for war. Because of being prepared all the time, WWW was quick to happen; because of just one event. 4. Nationalism

Nationalism is the belief that your own county is the best and deserves all the power. Nationalism is significant because it's part of the base reasons why WWW happened. When Germany became a nation in 1871, it disturbed the balance of power in Europe. The other European countries thought that Germany would be a threat to their power. So all the powers thought they were the best and that caused conflicts, which caused WWW. 5. Imperialism Triple Entente Imperialism is a policy in which a strong nation looks to dominate other countries politically, economically or socially.

This is an alliance consisting of Britain, France and Russia in 1907. This is significant because it was one of the earliest causes of WWW. The scramble for Africa to imperialism it caused many conflicts and tensions within the powers. The European powers were competing a lot between each other for African territory. Those rivalries played a big role later in the causing of WWW. This alliance was important because these were one of the biggest powers. All 3 had something in common: they didn't like Germany & Austria. That brought them to make an alliance ND had a common goal of getting rid of Germany and Australia's power.

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Soon that became more definite and was on the way to having WWW. 7. Triple Alliance This is an alliance consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy in 1907. This alliance if significant because Germany and Austria were very close and had common ideas. Russia used to be with them (Emperors League) but since they got out because of the Congress of Berlin, Italy took its place. Their ideals were that they had to support previous alliances and provide a defense system against the other European powers. Because of these rivalries, it soon caused WWW. Blank Check The black check is a check that Germany gives to Austria; reassuring them that Germany will fully support Austria, no matter what. The Blank Check is significant because Germany, basically, blindly gives their support to Austria- without considering what's happen in the future. Since William II says that, it gives Austria an even bigger ego. Later Austria and Serbia have conflicts and are very close to war; at this point Germany can't back out now because they already gave their word to Austria. 9. Archduke Francis Ferdinand He is the hair to Austrian throne.

He was soon to become the king of Austria until him and his wife, Sophia, got assassinated by Gabriele Prince; who was with the Black Hand group. Archduke Francis Ferdinand is significant because this is the event that really started WWW. Because of his assassination, by Gabriele Prince, Austria is furious and automatically thinks that it was Serbians doing; even without proper evidence. It does turn out that Gabriele Prince was with a group from Serbia, so that's when WWW began. 10. The Balkan states consisted of Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Greece; it made "The Balkan League".

The Balkan states were under Ottoman control. The conflicts between these states caused Balkan wars. The Balkan Crises is very significant because the Balkan states wanted independence from the Ottomans. So in 1878, Bulgaria was created in the Treaty of San Stefan, it was viewed as a Russian satellite. Then it got reduced and returned to Ottomans in the Congress of Berlin. In 1912, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Greece defeated Ottoman provinces (Albania & Macedonia) but couldn't decide how to split it, resulting in the 2nd Balkan war (1913). Then Greece, Serbia Romania and Ottomans defeated Bulgaria.

Because of that, Bulgaria got a little of Macedonia- the rest was divided by Serbia & Greece. Still, Serbia was unsatisfied of the amount of land. The two Balkan wars created more tensions among the great powers. 11. Black Hand/Gabriele Prince This group was a Serbian terrorist group that wanted to create a pan-Slavic nation. It was made up of military & some government officials. Gabriele Prince was part of this group. The Black Hand is significant because Gabriele Prince was part of it. He was a big deal because Prince was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Francis

Ferdinand. Since he was heir to the throne, it caused a great deal of fury in Austria. This was the major event that caused WWW. 12. Austrian Ultimatum On July 23, 1914 Austria gave Serbia a set of extreme demands if they don't want to go to war with Austria. This ultimatum is very important because when Austria gave Serbia the ultimatum, Serbia didn't agree. Serbia didn't agree because the demands were very extreme and unrealistic for a country to agree with. That resulted in Austria declaring war on Serbia on July 28. Then that started involving other countries which turned into WWW.

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