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Rotc in the Philippines

ROTC: Empowering the youth for peace and progress “Why take the hard way, if there’s an easy way”, these are the words that will come out from the mouth of an average and malingering human being, but taking the Reserved Officer Training Corps as their …

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Pages 4
Accountability in the Us Army

In the US Army, accountability is a key factor that everyone should be aware of. To be accountable means to be dependable. In order to be accountable, you must arrive on time to PT, formation, work, appointments, etc. It is mainly concentrated on three things: …

Words 1751
Pages 7
The Army As A Profession

The Army is a great profession were many individuals come together and make the impossible happen. This institution has to overcome more obstacles then most average career paths will take you. The only way these thing have happened and will continue to happen is through …

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The Importance of Documentation

The Importance of Documentation Documentation: Material, printed or electronic, that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record. Why is documentation important? Without it there would be no record of anything. Humans have been documenting and recording important information for centuries. Information …

Words 1922
Pages 7
Being on Time in the Military

Discipline is being considered as a primary requisite in each military academy in the world. Especially, during any military training discipline is being required. So, show how well disciplined soldier you are in front of your senior military officials you should be punctual. Punctuality plays …

Words 2912
Pages 11
Corrective Essay: Military Bearing and Respect

According to Field Manual 6-22, “Military Bearing is defined as having or projecting a commanding presence and a professional image of authority”. The United States Army is structured on several values and principles that it upholds, among these are military bearing, discipline and respect. Leaders …

Words 846
Pages 4
The Effects of World War Ii on Northern & Southern Ireland; 1939-1945

The effects of World War II on Northern & Southern Ireland; 1939-1945 Daniel McCarthy (Visiting Student) Student Identification Number: 08102474 The Two Ireland’s in the 20th Century 0809-HI 208. E John Cunningham Word Count: 2,990 13 March 2009 Daniel McCarthy 1 Throughout the time period …

ImmigrationIrelandMilitaryUnemploymentWorld War Ii
Words 2990
Pages 11
The Chain of Command and Nco Support Channel

THE CHAIN OF COMMAND AND NCO SUPPORT CHANNEL 3-33. Communication among soldiers, teams, units, and organizations is essential to efficient and effective mission accomplishment. Two-way communication is more effective than one-way communication. Mission accomplishment depends on information passing accurately to and from subordinates and leaders, …

MilitaryNational SecurityOrganization
Words 843
Pages 4
Should Compulsory Military Service Be Abolished?

Should compulsory military service be abolished ? (ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY) The problem of compulsory military service has always been a controversial issue. Some people strongly support this idea while others are definitely against it. Although it has been claimed that the military service should be compulsory …

MilitaryMilitary ServiceTerrorism
Words 578
Pages 3
Wear and Appearance of the Army Uniform

In the army there are many uniforms a soldier has to wear. This is for the different activities a soldier does. For everything from their daily Physical Training (PT), their regular working uniform Army Combat Uniform (ACU), or their dress uniform either the Army Service …

Words 1494
Pages 6
Bismarck: Master Planner or Opportunist?

INTRODUCTION: Other Historians have recently claimed that rather than plan unification, Bismarck was a skilful diplomat who used events as opportunities to promote Prussian interests. Regardless of whether Bismarck planned unification or used events as opportunities he definitely had a favourable ‘hand of cards’ which …

Words 1287
Pages 5
Disrespecting an Nco

Why I should not disrespect an NCO and the consequences I am writing this essay because I disrespected a non commissioned officer. I do apologize for what I did and have said. I have learned from my mistake and I see why I am to …

Words 511
Pages 2
Soldier X Summary

Summary: Soldier X Erik Brandt is a 16 year old half Russian half German boy. He is in a program called Jungend which is also known as Hitler’s Children Army. It is like Boy Scouts for German Kids. They boys in the Jungend are also …

Words 476
Pages 2
Nishan E Haider

Nishan-e-Haider is the Highest Military Award of Pakistan, made of gun metal, captured from the enemy in the previous wars, with a green ribbon and a star with five points is awarded to soldiers who Show great feats of bravery and courage in war or …

Words 332
Pages 2
Should the military age enlistment be raised to 21?

In a high school in Texas, there’s a table set up in the corner of the lunch room. Two clean cut men sit behind it, chatting casually about something unimportant. They’re trying to get high school students to join the military. But in this particular …

Words 398
Pages 2
First to Fight

Introduction The book First to Fight starts off with a letter from then commandant General Randolph McC. Pate to Lieutenant General Krulak asking why the U. S. needs a Marine Corps. He responded five days later by answering the question conversely by asking why the …

MilitaryNational SecurityNavy
Words 927
Pages 4
Young People Must have a Right to Choose When it Comes to Military

Freedom of choice is one of the biggest problematic issues in the world nowadays. Young people’s right to choose when it comes to military is one part of this kind of freedom. This issue is controversial and opinions are divided: one thinks that it is …

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Pages 4
Was the Treaty of Versailles Fair?

Was the treaty of Versailles fair? The treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919 after the World War one. It was actually a punishment of Germany to start the war and forced it to accept all the blame. The involved requirements were seen to be …

GermanyMilitaryTreaty of VersaillesWars
Words 454
Pages 2
Is Compulsory Military Training Necessary

Wars are peaceful than marriages but let him who wants peace never prepare for a war. I agree with the second part Military training is schooling of body and spirit in the art of killing. Military training is education for war. It is the perpetuation …

Words 879
Pages 4
Impact of Ww1 on Canada

World War One had an impact on Canada both over seas and on the Canadian home front. It helped Canada develop a sense of national identity by gaining international status overseas. It gave women more jobs than working at home and but during the war …

Words 472
Pages 2
History – Does General Haig Deserve the Title the Butcher?

General Haig’s status prior to the Battle of the Somme had been remarkable. In 1885 General Haig was commissioned in the cavalry and served in several campaigns – Sudan and in the Boer War in South Africa between 1899 and 1902. In the Boer war …

Words 612
Pages 3
Cost Effectiveness and Intensity of BUD/S Navy SEAL Training

Cost Effectiveness and Intensity of BUD/S Navy SEAL Training         The U.S. Navy’s Sea-Air-Land Soldiers Teams encompass the service’s primary special operations capability.  The selection criteria for SEALs, are like those of U.S. Army Special Forces, although the endurance swimming constraints are much more rigorous.  …

Words 88
Pages 1
Rifleman Dodd

Rifleman Dodd is a fiction war story based during the peninsular war around 1810 and Published in 1932. The main Protagonist of this book is a rifleman that goes by the name of Matthew Dodd. He served in the 95th Rifles for the English; underneath …

Words 140
Pages 1
Respect In The Army

A Noncommissioned Officer’s duties are numerous and must be taken seriously. An NCO’s duty includes taking care of soldiers, which is your priority. Leaders must know and understand their soldiers well enough to train them as individuals and teams to operate proficiently. This will give …

MilitaryNational SecurityPolitics
Words 91
Pages 1
Army: The Military Accountability

The importance of accountability. In the military accountability is very important. Your NCOs need to keep accountability at all times, the need to know where you are going to be so they find you in case you have formations, or something else important comes up. …

Words 485
Pages 2
Why Athens Lost the Peloponessian War

“They were beaten at all points and altogether; all that they suffered was great; they were destroyed as the saying is with total destruction, their fleet, their army; everything was destroyed and few out of many returned home. ” (Thucydides, Peloponnesian War, 481) The Sicilian …

Words 1832
Pages 7
1000 Words on Proper Uniform

The Importance of obeying orders and being on time for duty. There are many reasons why a soldier, (doesn’t matter the rank) should obey orders from anyone above him or her in the chain of command. Sometimes its good to listen to people soldiers below …

Essay ExamplesMilitary
Words 1004
Pages 4
Military Courtesy and Salute

Courtesy among members of the Armed Forces is vital to maintain discipline. Military courtesy means good manners and politeness in dealing with other people. Courteous behavior provides a basis for developing good human relations. Military courtesy is not a one-way street. Enlisted personnel are expected …

Words 329
Pages 2
Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo stands as a very important episode in the whole of Napoleon Bonaparte’s wartime adventures. It was the fierce fighting that occurred in the muddy field closed to Brussels in 1815 between the Duke of Wellington and Napoleon that finally sealed Napoleon’s …

Words 97
Pages 1
The Importance of Keeping Your Chain of Command Informed

It is important to keep your chain of command informed at all times, especially if you are in charge of the well being of soldiers. On the twenty sixth of January I failed as a Non Commissioned Officer to fulfill this duty. I was informed …

Human NatureMilitaryMoney
Words 1012
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Why the military is important?
The military is important because it provides security for a nation. It is the institution responsible for the defense of the country against external threats. The military also plays a significant role in maintaining internal security and stability. In times of emergency, the military can be called upon to provide assistance to civilian authorities. The military also plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of a country’s infrastructure.
Do you write essays in the military?
It depends on the branch of the military you are serving in and what your specific duties are. However, in general, members of the military are not typically required to write essays as part of their duties.
What do you write about in the military?
There are a variety of things that you can write about in the military. Some common topics include your experiences in the service, the people you meet, the places you visit, and the things you see. You can also write about the training you receive, the missions you go on, and the things you learn.
How do I write an essay for the Army?
When writing an essay for the Army, it is important to keep in mind the Army's values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. These values should be reflected in your essay, as they are the foundation of what the Army is built upon. You should also keep in mind that the Army is a professional organization and your essay should be written in a professional manner.When writing your essay, you should start with a brief introduction that outlines your motivation for joining the Army. You should then move on to discuss your goals and aspirations for your time in the Army. It is important to be specific and realistic in your goals, as the Army is a demanding and challenging environment.Once you have discussed your goals, you should move on to discussing your qualifications and why you believe you would be a good fit for the Army. Again, be specific and honest in your assessment of your qualifications and highlight any relevant experience you may have.Finally, conclude your essay by reaffirming your commitment to the Army's values and your desire to serve your country. Thank the reader for their time and consideration, and express your hope that you will be given the opportunity to serve in the Army.

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