The Preference of Religion and Family Over Politics

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The land of the free and the home of the brave has a uniquely controversial history. After all, America was built from nothing and was nothing less than the creation of people escaping existing nations, countries, and political systems. The quote for this discussion question asks us to reflect on the idea that religion, family, and would matter more than politics with respect to the necessary congruence between government and society. I absolutely agree with this statement for a number of reasons.

First, although political parties are generally created through shared value systems, and people generally have the same ideas about multiple different topics, obody aligns perfectly with any single party. Nobody agrees with every single issue on either side of the aisle, including the Democrats and the Republicans, but they also do not align with any of the parties in between that position themselves and being the independents, the moderates, or the people between those ideologies who are supposed to give someone who does not fit in a new political home (Olmsted, 2019).

But nobody aligns with every possible issue. Without delving excessively into my personal opinions on hot-button issues, I do not fully align with the party that I identify with. There are issues that are important to me that I must prioritize over others, but there are issues that matter to me that my shared party and my favorite politicians do not align with. In that regard, it is the values themselves, instead of the political alignment that is more important. Someone can shift between both parties.

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In fact, this has happened. After all, the Democrats and Republicans underwent a notorious and knfamous shift. After all, the values of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, would, some would say, more closely align with the modern democratic party than with the modern Republican Party (Allen, 2018). Similarly, the party that identified with Jefferson Davis, the leader of the American Confederacy was the Democratic party, but those values are more closely associated with the Republican party today, some would say. It is the values that are more important than the identification of the party.

History has also shown us that, while countries can exist with different partisan biases, governments and societies cannot function if they do not have basic shared agreements with respect to religion and personal values. Disagreements over religion and personal values have led governments, even governments today to persecute and murder their own people, as seen in, for example, the Middle East with dissidents of Islam being punished by their own government (Allen, 2018).

If a government is truly by the people and for the people, it must have the same values, blood, family, and religion as those people. I do not believe that this threatens the durability of democracy. The existence of pluralistic viewpoints does not inherently and fundamentally undermine the concept and durability of democracy. In fact, in a true democracy, it is simply the strongest viewpoint, instead of the number of viewpoints that matters, and we can, therefore, have a system that emphasizes religion, family, and blood, and still preserve democracy (Lamoreaux & Novak, 2017).

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