Why Illegals Should Be Deported

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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Why Illegal Immigrants should be deported! Immigrants come to America chasing hopes and dreams of someday having a life of wealth. The United States has this imagine that everything will be better and all your problems will be solved. However, in the last century we’ve had a raise of Illegal Immigrants in the country. With our economy in the trash and millions out of work it would be helpful if Americans could find work. Even before the economy crashed millions were finding it hard to find a job. One of the main reasons is because illegal immigrants will work for less money and get paid under the table.

According to a study a Wall Street investment firm called Bear Stearns did four to six million jobs have taken over by immigrants since 1990. Also, before the recession the poor was already having trouble finding work. The reason for this is business would rather forgo paying taxes on workers, have cheap cost, and save money. Along with this it cause’s the country to spend millions of dollars on Illegal’s who are not paying taxes for programs they use. The tax payers pay in to government programs that provide assistance to many families.Illegal Immigrants’ use these programs without ever having to pay in. It is reported by the IRS that six million file individual income tax returns.

With government programs 11-22 billion is spent on welfare, 2. 2 billion in food assistance, and 2. 5 billion in Medicaid. Many understand that some of those are used for the Illegal’s children who do become American citizens. It is also unfair that while the rest of the United States is working hard for their benefits many get to work without having to pay in and get them for free.This makes many think that the Immigrants do not respect our Country enough so they shouldn’t be here. Respect should be a key important factor when living in the United States.

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If you do not respect it, then how can you live here? Respect can come in many different forms. One of these ways is to pay taxes like other Americans have to. If you’re going to live off American programs than pay in and help support your own way. Also, they send money back to Mexico to their families.Helping out your family is great, but if you’re not paying your taxes and helping stimulate the American economy and your helping another, that’s just not right. It is not fair for those hard working Americans to have to pick up the slack of others. Crime is becoming more of a problem as more Immigrants come to the United States.

Crime has risen in many of the areas that illegal’s reside in. It’s said that there are three million incrassated illegal aliens and that 30 percent of federal prisons is made up of illegal aliens.It is said that in 2006 the death toll of Americans killed by Illegal’s overshadowed soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of the crimes committed by Illegal’s are not just tiny crimes, they are murders, molestations, and drug trafficking. It is said that in one day 12 Americans are murdered by Illegal’s, and that 63 percent are sex offenders. They have also caused a rise in diseases being spread. When entering the United States Legally the immigrants are tested for all diseases that might be spread onto other Americans.

When Illegal’s come into the country they are not tested bringing many harmful diseases. In 2002 900 cases of Leprosy were reported, the following three years 9,000 were illegal aliens. Recently Malaria has been found in our blood supply and it has also raisin in southern California, New Jersey, New York, and Houston Texas. In 2006 we started testing for Changas Disease because many Illegal’s infected our supply and it’s said that 100,00-500,000 are infected with it in the united states. Some of the ways it is transferred through is schools, restaurants, police, hospitals, and our blood supply.Many people may not agree to deport the Illegal aliens, but once you sit down and think about the reasons it’s hard to not want to. There may be some good Immigrants, but the facts show that most of them are just causing a problem for the U.

S. If one can’t come to the country legally than they shouldn’t be here. The U. S needs to stand up and deport the Illegal’s and guard our borders. It shouldn’t be about how they might not be elected next year for office. It’s a matter of principal and helping the Americans who are here legally and do not break the laws and cause problems.

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