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Why should fracking be banned?

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Because liberals are an autoimmune disease that want this country to fail at any possible costs. It shouldn't be, fracking doesn't do anything with the water, studies have proven that, plus "Green cars" actually leave a bigger biological footprint. It shouldn't. Low information people are scared because they are being lied to. Because coal miners don't like it. Power plant companies are making a transition from coal to natural gas due to fracking, and we're putting less pollution in the air these days. Guarantee you coal miners will be behind funding any "ban fracking" campaigns.

It shouldn't. People believe that it pollutes our water reserves underground. However, they do not understand that we have been fracking for years without much pollution being done to the water and we've only improved upon our methods of fracking, causing less pollution than before. Fracking is cost effective. Banning fracking would only increase costs. The only people who want it banned are the Saudis and people who believe their lies. Perhaps they're lying because they don't have any interests if we start more oil production in the U. S.

Anyone who thinks that you can contain high pressure fluid that is DESIGNED to fracture rock...... with a concrete well casing..... has never taken a physics class in their entire life. Because places like North Dakota and Oklahoma typically don't get 4. 5 magnitude earthquakes! I am NOT a tree hugging liberal, but I've read enough about "fracking" to know that it makes the ground VERY unstable. Removing anything from the ground in mass quantities, whether it's rock, minerals, or gas, leaves cavities and weakness.

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This explains the loud "booms" many experienced in the northern midwest. No major fault lines in Oklahoma, so how else can you explain it. Because it poisons everything around it. If you are truly interested look up LINK TV and watch their programs on fracking. It is absolutely the worst thing that can happen to an area. Under Bush/CHENEY, they passed laws exempting the oil and gas companies doing this from all of the environmental protection laws such as Clean Water and Air laws. Why would they need that if they didn't violate those laws.

This is another thing that is being steamrolled through by the extremely wealthy who make money off of fossil fuels. This one though is way scary and dangerous and they are promoting its growth at a rapid rate. They tell us it will produce jobs but how helpful is that if we are too sick to go to work. Look it up on LINK TV. Nationally it should be permitted but subject to local legislation and banned where the local people don't want it. Actually most people would accept it because of the money to be made and they don't mind chemicals and methane in their tap water.

Why should fracking be banned? essay

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