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Why Should Drunk Drivers Be Severely Punished

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There are many rule violation occur everyday in town, especially when it comes to vehicle. Some may break the rule of driving before 17-year-old. Others may drive when they are drunk. It is not quite sure which one is more dangerous, however, this essay shall explore some reasons why drunk drivers should be severely punished. Firstly, drunk drivers are absolutely forbidden since it can cause a wreak havoc in the street. Furthermore, the condition can also claim many innocent lives. People who do not realize how dangerous it is to drive while they are drunk should be given a proper education about driving.

For instance, if one has a formal education about driving before they jumped to the street, they would have a better understanding about the dangerous of driving when they are drunk than those who do not receive the education. Secondly, drunk driving can not only claim innocent lives, but also can inflict financial loss to one state. Imagine how much that must be paid to fix the broken street or other public facilities just because of one’s carelessness. In fact, it can also spend months or maybe years to rebuild the facilities.

For example, if one drunk driver accidentally hit a prestigious hotel, the quantity of loss may be unthinkable to rebuild the hotel. Finally, they should be convicted to prevent if they would do the same thing again in the near future. There are many reasons to support the statement, one is to enhance the drivers’ vigilance when they are driving in the street. As a matter of fact, one would stop to repeat their mistakes if they have been penalized. In a nutshell, it is clear that drunk drivers should be severely punished from the reasons mentioned above. In my opinion, people should not drive when they are drunk to save themselves and others.

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Why Should Drunk Drivers Be Severely Punished essay

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