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This section will identify the company’s competition in the clothing industry and show how the firm distinguishes its products from those of its competitors. ? Vanity Fair Corporation is a player in the Textile or Apparel and Clothing Industry. In this industry, Vanity Fair is the leading corporation in market capitalization with over $8. 5 billion in investment. The other major players in this industry are Ralph Lauren, Gildan Activewear, HanesBrands Inc, and Liz Claiborne with $6.

8 Billion, $5 Billion, $2. 8 Billion and $2. 6 Billion in investments respectively. Vanity Fair Corporation is a leader in the industry with it’s Jeanswear line of clothing. It main brands Wrangler, Lee, and Timber Creek have proved to be profitable brands that distinguish the company from other apparel companies. Although it is in middle of the pack in leading companies in net profit margin of 9. 99%, its sheer size and volume of sales more than compensates its earnings.

Currently, it is True Religion Apparel that leads the net profit margin race. Preferred Mode of Entry into Foreign Markets This section will identify the firm’s preferred mode of entry into foreign markets. Over the years, the company has preferred the mode of acquiring brands in order enter a Foreign Market. The company’s entry in the late 1990’s into the Latin American Market was effected through the acquisition of the UFO brand. The company has also inadvertently entered markets by the establishment of factories overseas.

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In its efforts to streamline production and lower costs, the company has closed down plants in the United States and transferred them to foreign soil. One such transfer effected the company’s entry into the Chinese market. At the end of 1995, the company began manufacturing and marketing Lee Jeans in China through a joint venture in the province of Guangdong. It has also established manufacturing plants in Brazil through its subsidiary VF do Brasil Ltda. to ensure maximization of profits in the world’s second largest jeanswear market.

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