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Job Fair Brochure Persuasive Essay

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Job Fair Brochure This discussion will describe the structure, business model, and culture of a selected business. There will be a justification for why each element was selected, and an explanation of how each choice of elements will impact the chosen business. A business model is like any other model; it represents and summarizes how whole businesses do business. The business model explains, in summary, the fundamental nature of the business and how the business makes money, without having to share complexities of strategies, “processes, units, rules, hierarchies, workflows, and systems” (Business Model Designs and Innovation, 2005, p. ). For example, the business that is chosen is a Geriatric Health Club and Daycare. The company makes money by offering wellness and exercise services to senior citizens all over the Merrillville community; for a reasonable amount of money. The fundamental nature of the club is to encourage the elderly, ages 55 and older, to continue to live a healthier and active life, by offering leisure activities, social interaction with their peers, nutrition education, and exercise (Business Model Designs, and Innovation, 2005).

The business model was chosen because research, indicates that “High-intensity resistance exercise training is a feasible and effective means of counteracting muscle weakness and physical frailty in very elderly people. In contrast, multinutrient supplementation without concomitant exercise does not reduce muscle weakness or physical frailty” (Clements, Evans, Fiatarone, Kehayias, Lipsit, Nelson, O'Neill Roberts, Ryan, and Solares, 2009, 1769). The impact of this business model helps the company to function and guide the company in a productive direction.

The business model helps the company to stay profitable by catering to a fast increasing age group. “The business structure is the type of legal entity that exists to contract to perform licensed work. Examples of legal entities are individual/sole proprietors, corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), partnerships, limited partnerships (LP), and limited liability partnerships (LLP)” are examples of business structures (Minnesota Department of Labor, and Industry, n. d, p. 1).

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The structure of the Geriatric Health Club and Daycare is a partnership. A partnership is a business agreement between two or more people, with an understanding of making a profit (NSW Small Business, 2001). The geriatric health club and daycare operates under a registered business name. The business name the club operates under is Transitions Senior Health Club and Daycare. The reason a partnership was chosen is because liabilities can be shared (NSW Small Business, 2001). A functional structure is for the staff.

The CNAs works directly with customers, RNs oversees the CNAs, trainers, therapist, and assist the Medical doctor. The partnership structure impacts the club by the sharing of liabilities and increased financial investments and the sharing of responsibilities. The functional structure brings order with the staff and creates a harmonious working environment (NSW Small Business, 2001). “The business culture is the way your organization operates, the customs, attitudes; etiquette and etc. ” (Answer, 2007, p. 1).

For example, Transitions will use “The Plane tree’s approach, which is holistic and encourages healing in all dimensions; mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical” (Axia College of University of Phoenix 2008, p194). The Plane tree’s approach maximizes the outcomes of healthcare by combining “harmonizing medical therapies, such as mind and body medicine, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, yoga, and energy therapies with conventional medical therapies”(Axia College, 2009, p. 194). The medical staff is well trained, board certified, and licensed by the state.

The trainers are certified in yoga, low impact exercises, and small weights. The instructors are RNs with bachelor’s degrees; a Medical Doctor and a certified massage therapist, will be on staff. The staff is given two weeks of vacation and health benefits. They are also given incentive awards for out standing work. The impact that this business culture will have on Transitions is a healthy, safe and serene environment. The customers will be encouraged to reach their wellness goals and lead a longer and active life. Reference

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