Trends in Cybercrime

Last Updated: 13 Oct 2022
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Introduction Cybercrime is nothing to new in this day and time; this has been a problem for many since the early onset of the 80’s. Although much seems to have been done to combat cybercrime over the years, criminals still have an advantage edge. With IT experts, companies see now just how important it is to involve law enforcement in the efforts to fight against computer crime. Computer cybercrime as we know it today is now used as potentially illegal activities.

Many issues surrounding this kind of crime has maintain a significant profile mainly toward hacking, copyright and infringement, for the most part this type of computer crime can be placed in two different categories. Crimes that target computer networks or devices directly (i. e. malware-malicious code, denial of service attacks, and computer viruses); Richtel, M and S Robinson, 2002) and crimes facilitated by computer networks or devices, the primary target of which is independent of the computer network or device (i. e. cyber stalking, fraud and identity theft, an information warfare). Messmer, E 2002) According to the 2009 cybercrime forecast it was said that the global recession will lead to a rise of cybercrime worldwide, the attention to cybercrime was back than deflected toward more pressing economic problems,(Matthew Harwood, 2009) Describing a cybercrime trend that society is confronted with today within this paper will address the following key elements; the types of scams are associated with the cybercrime, are there certain profile that cybercriminal have who commits this type of cybercrime.

Are law enforcement initiatives to combat this crime enough, the penalties for committing these crimes what are they. Trends in cyber-crime In today business world the economy and national security have become heavily dependent on the internet, and will continue to be adversely impacted by cybercrime. With the internet being vulnerable to malicious codes, the possibility for a money-making opportunity for cybercrime will continue to increase.

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When an opportunity for a profit to be made is available cybercrime will exist, cybercrime should not be allowed to intimidate our confidentiality and wealth. It is going to be important that we step up with more resources to protect the security of computer systems that include the internet. This most require sole responsibility from individuals and organizations. It will not be enough just for individuals and organizations to do their parts; with the help of the resource cooperation from the private sector industry and the resources from the government.

It is necessary to lower the susceptibility of the internet, there is going to be a move with such strategies to be set forth in order for the national strategy to secure cyberspace and prevent cyber-attacks against our critical infrastructure. It is important that the national vulnerability to cyber-attacks have very little damage and enough time from cyber-attacks that will allow recovery time to be implemented. Should this not happen cybercrime havoc will continue on the economy with straight financial losses, production losses, and the stealing of identities and intellectual property.

There can be an enormous risk to run of having a tragic failure of the weakening of our critical infrastructure; what’s good about all this is the technological resources that we have can meet the challenge along with a tremendous intellectual. Taking advantage of the leadership and being persistent with our efforts, the tables can be turn on cybercrime. Types of scams are associated with the cybercrime Using the internet is the most important thing of this day and times, without them we are lost, with many different types of cybercrime today we find that we are exposing ourselves to the many threats out there.

The scams that are used today if not knowledgeable about computers or the in’s and out of the internet scam first hand it is going to be difficult to spot it right away, as you get to understanding many of the mechanisms that these schemes entails you will quickly see that the scammers are always the same, with some small differences occasionally. Many of the crimes usually are not bad as one might imagine. They are however common place, those that are very serious will carry a felony charge with it.

Of the eight know cybercrimes I have listed I will give briefly what each one does mean. Spam with email spam laws being fairly new, the laws on the books regarding “unsolicited electronic communications” for years this one is most common of the types of cybercrime. Fraud again another common form of cybercrime, this would consist of credit card fraud. Certain computers viruses can log keystrokes on your keyboard and send them to hackers, what happens next comes with the using of your Social Security number, credit card numbers and your home address.

Information of this kind is used by the hacker on for his or her purposes only. Cyber Bullying this form of cybercrime has been increasing with teenagers, simply look back at the cheerleader who got her mother involved in her problem with another young girl who trying out for the cheerleader squad, it is differently a growing problem with teens, in Europe and many of the States in the United States have rules to reprimand anyone who harass someone over the internet.

Drug Trafficking one would ask how is it possible to enter act any type of drug dealing over the internet. Traffickers only use encoded email or password secure messaging boarding to handle up on any drug deal they are arranging. Cyberterrorism usually it takes a smart hacker that can break into a government website, but there are several forms of Cyberterrorism, for the most part it is a group of likeminded internet users that will crash a website by drowning it with traffic. Although it may appear to be harmless it is not, it is differently illegal.

Piracy most talked about form of cybercrime, pilfering, stealing, yes copying music from music websites is illegal and it is a form of cybercrime. Assault by threat this one I believe we all should take very seriously, no one wants or like to be threaten in any fashion certainly to be in fear of your life or that of a family member or members safety, not just the safety of your family but what about that of your community, friends, employees, through the use of a computer network, such as e-mails videos, or even phones. What Might the prof

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