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Cybercrime and Privacy – Essay

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A sense of privacy leads to a false sense of security, consequently resulting in putting personal information and property at risk. Cybernetics's look for flaws in people's security. Even with laws passed to enhance the security of the internet, people who are uninformed about the miniscule amount of privacy that they have might still put personal information online that could lead to their identity being stolen. According to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research, In 2011 alone, 11. 6 million adults fell victim to Identity theft, one of the ajar cybercafés.

To prevent mistakes In security, one must know what the mistakes are. One of the biggest mistakes Is exposing one's computer to viruses. Cybernetics's can access Information on a computer If It Is not protected. It Is not wise to keep passwords on a computer connected to the internet. Another mistake is giving personal information such as your name, social security number, credit card information, etcetera to someone over e-mail. Even something as simple as putting the name of someone's cat on Faceable or Twitter can compromise their ID if they eave used the common question "What is the name of your pet? As a security question. Buying items online with an account that is linked to a personal or life savings account is dangerous. Protecting one's information is very important. Along with knowing the mistakes, individuals must also employ safeguards to protect themselves against cybernetics's. Run virus scans often to look for anomalous software that Is accessing personal Information. Protect against cyber thieves by setting up a firewall. Keep password complex 6. Use credit card with small limit. 8. Treat info like cash 10.

Check your bank accounts and credit reports A simple password protecting private information is like a safe with a tin foil lock. Although piracy, or illegally downloading material, is a cybercafé, the focus of Internet laws must be put on more major crimes. Illegally downloading computer material is the equivalent of petty theft when compared to the more serious cybercafés. Some might argue that piracy is a serious crime. The major cybercafés are ID theft, wire fraud, computer fraud, and money laundering where there are serious damages and attention significant personal loss to the victim or victims.

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Even though privacy may be lost, these major criminals must be found and prosecuted. Some people find It hard to define cybercafé, It Is important to understand the different types of crimes that can be linked to computers, for example, hacking Into a telephone company to enjoy free telephone calls is a type of computer crime and pirating software is computer systems, particularly computer banking systems, so attractive for legitimate purposes, that is, security, efficiency, make them attractive for illegitimate purposes such as money laundering.

According to sources in US, the internet has impacted upon criminal or harmful activity in three ways; first, the internet has become a vehicle for communications which sustain existing patterns of harmful activity, such as drug trafficking, hate speech, stalking and so on. The Internet circulates information about how to bypass the security devices in mobile telephones or television decoders.

The practice cybercafé is not so much different from that of conventional crime as both include conduct which causes breach of rules of law and fought by the punishment from the state. Current definitions of Cybercafé have evolved and of course differ depending on the viewpoint of the observer 'protector/ and victim. But the definition is broader including activities such as fraud, unauthorized access, child pornography, and cyber-stalking.

Cybercafé is a subcategory of computer crime and it refers to criminal offenses committed using the internet or another computer network as a component of the crime. Cybercafé is a crime related to technology, computers and the internet and it concerns governments, industries and citizens worldwide where cyber crime takes the form f either piracy, appearing (obtaining free telephone calls), cabinetmaking, subdirectories and copyrightable. Cybercafés are now much easier to commit.

The higher rate of attacks indicates that cybercafés can now be performed by those in the general public, without any insider knowledge. At the same time, dependence on computers has reduced the ability to prevent cybercafés, because crimes can now no longer be detected as easily, and even when detected they are difficult to stop. Cybercafé causes billions of dollars in losses every year; a great cost to society. This conclusion raises further questions about how much of this crime could be prevented.

At what point to corporations decide that it is more profitable to invest in security than to suffer losses? Are the methods of sighting cybercafé of this kind, as covered in this essay, enough? As of now, the answer is no. As cybercafé becomes more widespread, affects a larger number of people, and causes larger amounts of damage, it is important to investigate ways of dealing with it, ways of reducing the risk of it, and ways of preventing it.

Cybercrime and Privacy – Essay essay

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