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Essays on Advice

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What is the best advice you have ever received?

Everything happens for a reason and this I can prove by looking back at previous experiences which made vital contributions to my personality. My name is (insert name of student here) and I am aiming for a good position in your credible university as a …

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Pages 3
The Possibility of Evil: Advice Is Not Always Helpful

`In the short story “The Possibility of Evil” by Shirley Jackson, the readers are reminded through Miss Strangeworth’s character that even though one’s intentions may be to help another person, their advice is not always appreciated. Miss Strangeworth is a very well-respected person in the …

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Pages 3
5 Pieces of Amazing Advice From Twin Space Heroes

When things get stressful, it's important to remember there is only so much that you can control. But if you think that's difficult when you're working in an office, imagine how crazy a proposition it'd be if you're orbiting the Earth.Capt. Scott Kelly and Capt. …

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7 Proven Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice for Students

7 Proven Pieces of Entrepreneurship Advice For Students and Interns Right now there are millions of college students sitting in a college class or a dorm room. They are not even realizing that the cost of the school they are at is going to eat …

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Pages 5
An advice leaflet for teenagers on how to lead a healthier lifestyle

To start with, if you want to look good and stay fit, you should exercise and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Today, 25% of the world’s population are dying from heart disease which is caused by fat blocking the artery which carries blood that …

Words 384
Pages 2
4 Pieces of Advice Every Entrepreneur Needs to Hear

As an entrepreneur, or even an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ve always felt that it’s your calling to make an impact. But taking that first step can be daunting. You have so many questions about how to do it on a budget and what it takes to …

Words 796
Pages 3
Whom We Should Seek Advice From

In the article, the author is giving a description of whom we should seek advice from. This is referred to as pathos. Biederman states that those people may sound smart and with lots of experience, but you should not let their opinion kill common sense. …

Words 538
Pages 2
The advice and finance available for a business considering expansion and growth

I am working for Hounslow Chamber of Commerce as a trainee manager. The Hounslow Chamber of Commerce provides advice to existing businesses and to entrepreneurs seeking to set up their own businesses. Small businesses that are successful can expand and may change their structure and …

Words 1773
Pages 7
The Awesome Advice We Learned From Richard Branson’s Former Assistant

Most people don't go in for a routine day of work expecting to fly in a hot air balloon. But most people don't work directly with Richard Branson.For 31 years, Penni Pike, of Hampshire, England, worked as the personal assistant to the founder of the …

Words 1268
Pages 5
Letter of advice on how customer service in BA can be improved

I am writing to offer you some advice on how customer service in BA can be improved. Your Chief Executive, Mr Willie Walsh, suggested I write to you because he was impressed with my suggestions about monitoring and evaluating customer service. The four areas I …

AdviceCustomer ServiceReputation
Words 887
Pages 4
Taking On An Existing Business? Take This Advice To Heart.

Is your business under new ownership? These entrepreneurs who bought existing businesses share how they made updates while keeping loyalists happy. Drive-In Case study: Chris Baggott, new owner of , Greenfield, Ind. Why buy? “We started Tyner Pond Farm [and were] selling out of pasture-raised pork chops, …

Words 698
Pages 3
Risk Management Essay: Some Useful Advice for Students

If you have classes in management, you are surely to write a risk management essay some day. This topic is one of the most present-day in modern society and students should understand all the aspects of risk in management. The best way to delve in …

AdviceBusinessRisk Management
Words 330
Pages 2
Legal Advice for Cannabis Startups: First, Invest. Then, Stay out of Jail.

"You need more lawyers" is a phrase most early-stage startup CEOs never want to hear, and for good reason: It usually means something has gone horribly wrong.As an angel investor and advisor, I never expected (or wanted) to have to say it to a founder. Then …

Words 966
Pages 4
Liability for Defective Advice from an Expert System

Introduction An expert system can be considered to have two major components. First, there is its knowledge base. This is the portion of the system that contains specialized knowledge and expertise about its domain of application. In commercial law, liability is a form of business …

Words 1828
Pages 7

Frequently asked questions

What is an advisory essay?
An advisory essay is a type of essay that seeks to advise or recommend a course of action to the reader. Advisory essays can be found in a variety of settings, from academic journals to popular magazines. In an academic setting, an advisory essay might take the form of a research paper that seeks to advise the reader on a particular course of action. In a popular magazine, an advisory essay might take the form of an article that offers advice on a particular topic. Whatever the setting, the purpose of an advisory essay is to offer the reader a recommendation based on the writer's expertise.
What are the best words of advice you have received?
Some of the best words of advice I have received are to always stay positive and to be grateful for what I have, even when things are tough. I was also told to be careful who I take advice from, because not everyone has my best interests at heart. Lastly, I was told to never give up on myself and to keep reaching for my goals, no matter how difficult they may seem.
How do you structure advice?
When you are giving advice, it is important to structure your thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Start by briefly stating the problem or issue at hand. Then, offer your advice in a straightforward way. Be sure to explain the reasoning behind your advice, and offer any relevant information or resources that may be helpful. Finally, summarize your advice in a brief conclusion.
Is a essay writing?
It depends on what you mean by essay writing." If you are asking whether essays are typically written in a formal, academic style, then the answer is generally yes. However, if you are asking whether all writing can be considered an essay, then the answer is more complicated. Essays are typically defined as a piece of writing that presents a central argument or claim, supports this claim with evidence, and analyzes the issue at hand. However, not all pieces of writing fit this definition. For example, a short story or poem would not typically be considered an essay."

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