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The trends in human resource management and its implications for education are altering. Several trends are innovative and are a result of the economy, while others are escalating as a result of new regulations, new types of degrees and education, and the type of people employed. The purpose of this paper Is to Inform the reader of several of these current trends.

The trends that seems the most critical to human resource management in education are the reduction of teachers, enhancing of job application questions, integration of technology, employee benefits, and providing staff recognition to encourage retention. These trends mark substantial challenges to schools with reference to workforce development, retention, and recruitment. New human resource management trends in education can be directly linked to the downturn In our economy. (Shield, November 2009) Simply because more schools are downsizing the amount of teachers retained, and increasing classroom sizes due to budget cuts.

Superintendents need to work with their human resource managers to determine what types of individuals will work well tit their teams. Beyond the basic educational skills, human resource managers need to know if new hires and possible candidates can produce, can be trained, and can embrace a team environment, as well as generate the ultimate goal of enhancing the academic performance of students. More human resources managers are expanding upon Job application questions as far as education, Internships, and experience in fields of expertise.

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This allow for changes in interview techniques. Two types of interview may be used by the human resource manager. One Is the screening and the other is the behavior. The screening is to cull candidates that do to meet specific requirements. The behavioral interview is to make an educated selection based on fair and legitimate criteria and not a "gut feeling. " (Mayer, 2008) Questions for applicants that are directly related to the school environment will be important in determining who gets the job and who is passed over.

While the old standards still apply to race, creed, religion, and disability as well as others, human resources managers now have to deal with the state certification of individuals and make a dedicated effort to giving these people every opportunity afforded to them by the certification they received. In the district in which I am employed, prospective teachers must have passed at least one of the three test needed for certification In order to be considered for employment. There are six goals of the strategic plan for my school.

The first is improving academic performance for ALL students while closing the achievement gap. Next is establishing and maintaining the school climates and facilities that are safe, orderly and supportive of effective teaching and learning. Third is developing and implement procedures and programs that will infuse technology to assist in improving the physical and fiscal management, inclemency, effectiveness, Ana accountability AT ten cocoons Loving. I en recycling ten over-representation of minority and other at-risk students in Special Education.

Fifth is developing programs to promote the recruitment and retention of quality staff. Finally is promoting and encouraging positive home, school, business, and community relations that encourage student achievement. Technology is a significant trend and a fundamental part of our strategic plan. This trend is that technology advances are quickening in pace since the sass (Citron and Davies, May 2008). This trend may accelerate more significantly as more schools integrate genealogy into there academic programs.

These trends will necessitate more flexible and technologically as'. N. Y schools. The two technology objectives in our strategic plan are to ensure effective use of technology through ongoing training of our office staff and having teachers to utilize technology for lesson planning, attendance, and grading practices. Office staff will update information on the school's website, use Manatee for budgetary matters, access available tools in SASS program, and use the television scroll to display information.

Teachers will utilize technology in daily classroom lessons. The action steps to be used are incorporating technology components each day in lesson planning, allowing teachers to check-out laptops from carts for projection, acquiring screens for each classroom, utilizing Interactive Achievement throughout grading period, providing professional development by individual teacher needs, performing required division testing on the computers (4th and 5th grade benchmarks) and using Study Island and SOL Pass.

Employee benefits is a trend that is vital. These programs will need to make radical changes to attract and retain employees. Since the majority of the current workforce is aging, hey will be looking for better prescription coverage and long-term care benefits. Employees want a good retirement plan. A great employee benefit plan help organizations to compete in today's world. Employees not only work for money but also for intangible benefits such as enjoyment and a sense of purpose. Workforce Management 2003) One objective of the strategic plan is to show improvements by subgroups by at least 10% on each Virginia Standards of Learning test in all four core subjects. One strategy to be used in reading is exposure to different genres and understanding their components. The action steps to take place to ensure this are sing genre studies, utilizing read aloud, using Reading Mastery Program textbooks, and participation in the Accelerated Reading Program. One strategy to be used in mathematics is to enhance the quality of instruction for students.

The action steps to ensure the success of this strategy is moving experienced teachers in grade level math positions, seek professional development opportunities for math teachers, incorporate learning stations to break down activities, and participation in SOL math night. One strategy to be used in history is student involvement in surrounding to include local, state, national, and live theaters. The actions steps to be taken to be successful in this area are field trips, local speakers, Jamestown outreach, Theatre Four, and Art Bank (living history).

One strategy to be used in science is grade level mastery of standards for each student. The action steps taken administer an end of year test that contains all tested standards, communication between third, fourth, and fifth grades about expectations of students, and working with students in small learning stations to gauge individual needs. Staff recognition is a very effective part AT our strategic plan Ana another current trend. One goal In our cocoons improvement plan is to establish and maintain school climate.

The school improvement committee meets and decides up staff recognition activities that will improve the school climate. The objective is to recognize staff that support effective teaching and learning. Recognizing staff has been one of the least expensive and most effective ways in helping to boost morale and productivity and well as enhancing retention. The staff where I work have been extremely responsive to being recognized, which is shown by the low turnover rate at the end of each school year.

Staff recognition is shown weekly by spotlighting teachers and other staff members. I believe that staff recognition could be improved where I work by offering small monetary incentives. This could be funded by the fund raising committee. Gala events, best-of-the-best awards, on-the-spot recognition, gift certificates, performance reward points, sending e-cards and Just plain saying thanks - most organizations today have some form or all of these recognition programs in place with the intent to make a positive difference. HRS Management 2010) The author has discovered that a revision of this plan is needed to meet the needs of the 95% majority population of African American students. Teachers will use multicultural activities and games to stimulate instruction. In math classes, The Math Party will be used. This is a program that is used for intervention for at risk students and as a re- teaching/review tool for all students. In science and history classes, teachers will use songs and raps to incorporate in their instruction.

These integrated musical experiences can provide excitement for learning and improving students' skills. Music is able to expand the instructional process and accommodate differences in learning styles. Most of all, music adds an unique element of fun to the classroom. When children learn with music it makes learning more exciting. With music, students tend to work harder. In the concluding examination, it is irrefutable that rhyme, rhythm, and music can make immense differences in teaching and learning. They are the intangible educational instruments that can touch students in extremely unforgettable ways.

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1. Increased use of technology in the classroom: Technology is becoming increasingly important in the classroom, with more and more schools incorporating digital tools into their teaching.2. Personalized learning: Personalized learning is becoming more popular, with teachers tailoring their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student.3. Blended learning: Blended learning combines traditional classroom instruction with online learning, allowing students to learn in a variety of ways.4. Competency-based learning: Competency-based learning focuses on mastery of skills and knowledge, rather than time spent in the classroom.5. Social-emotional learning: Social-emotional learning is becoming more important, with teachers focusing on helping students develop the skills they need to succeed in life.
Which teaching is the latest trend in education industry?
The latest trend in the education industry is the use of technology-based teaching methods, such as online learning, virtual classrooms, and interactive learning tools. Additionally, personalized learning and project-based learning are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow students to learn at their own pace and in their own way.
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The most current problem in education is the lack of equitable access to quality education for all students, especially those from low-income backgrounds. This is compounded by the fact that many schools are underfunded and lack the resources to provide students with the necessary support to succeed.
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The focus of 21st-century education is to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. This includes teaching students how to think critically, collaborate effectively, and use technology to solve problems. Additionally, 21st-century education emphasizes the importance of global awareness and cultural understanding.

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