Essays on Law Enforcement

Essays on Law Enforcement

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Mapp v. Ohio and Miranda v. Arizona: An analysis

The case of Mapp vs. Ohio [367 U.S. 643 (1961)] was brought to the Supreme Court on account of Mapp’sconviction due to a transgression of an Ohio statute. Mapp was said to have violated the statue for possessing and keeping in her house various materials …

Common LawLaw EnforcementNational Security
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Btk Killer Dennis Radar

Dennis Radar also known as the BTK Killer was born on March 9, 1945 to William Elvin Radar and Dorothea Mae Cook he was the oldest of their four children he was born in Pittsburg Kansas he grew up in Wichita and attended Riverview School …

Common LawCriminologyLaw Enforcement
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Pages 7
Jon Benet Ramsey Case

Michael Pilkington 10/14/12 Ms. Chiolo Forensics JonBenet Ramsey Case Many people know about the JonBenet Ramsey case. This case had to do with when a young girl was killed and found in her own basement. In the JonBenet case there were problems with the investigation, …

CrimeLaw EnforcementViolence
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New Jersey corrections officer

Paul Leaders has been a New Jersey Department of Corrections Officer (NJDCO) for over ten years.  As a NJDCO, Paul’s role and responsibility is to “ensure the custody, safety and care of criminal offenders confined in state correctional facilities” (   It is his duty to …

CriminologyGovernmentLaw Enforcement
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Pages 6
Reflection on Law Enforcement and Advancement of Policing

The police system in today’s society and back during the seventeenth century both have the same agenda which is enforcing the law and keeping the peace amongst the people and the city, state or town. Although the two different time frames adopted the same mission …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 342
Pages 2
The Prefecture System: Ancient China’s Law Enforcement

“Criminal Justice System, As Seen By Me”. CJS 100 Final Project History of Law Enforcement In Ancient China law enforcement was carried out by “perfects. ” The notion of a “perfect” in China has existed for thousands of years. In both the Chu and Jin …

HistoryLaw Enforcement
Words 2013
Pages 8
Diversity in Law Enforcement: the Report

The Everly Police Department is facing a problem in which there is not an policy or procedure in which complaints from the newly formed Diversity Complaint Bureau can follow to resolve the complaints that are being submitted. Analysis Recently a report was made public by …

DiversityLaw Enforcement
Words 1899
Pages 7
Women and Minorities in Law Enforcement

Women and Minorities in Law Enforcement Response Throughout policing history women and minorities have gone through so many changes as they tried to become law enforcers. In the beginning, when women and minorities were allowed to become police officers they would be hired but given …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementMinoritiesPolice
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Police Misconception

There are many popular misconceptions about police officers. One popular misconception is that they protect their own. What people don’t understand sometimes is that police officers are properly trained, they went to police training and the trainings main goal is to ensure that officers avoid …

Law EnforcementPoliceRacism
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Film Comparative Analysis

“The general response following the screening was a distinct realization that nobody is above the law, and that the stereotypes associated with the “cono” nearly left Larranaga guilty as mistakenly charged. ” (Syjuco, 2012) There is no justice, when innocent men are in jail; this …

Criminal JusticeGovernmentLaw Enforcement
Words 1938
Pages 8
The Eighth Amendment

The eighth amendment is defined as “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. This amendment was adopted as part of the Bill of Rights in 1791. The eighth amendment serves the purpose of protecting of those …

Capital PunishmentLaw EnforcementPolitics
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Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Federal Law Enforcement Agencies “There are many important Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the U. S. but I decided to write about the ones that mostly caught my attention. ” * American Correctional Association: The American Correctional Association, also known as …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 416
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Private and Public Security

To begin, I will state that public security and private security need each other to survive in their fields. Unfortunately, public security or state police officers, don’t usually have enough personnel nor can they be everywhere all over town. There Just isn’t enough man power. …

LawLaw EnforcementPolice
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Police Powers

Police Powers INTRODUCTION Police powers are defined as “legal abilities to perform actions that would otherwise be legally forbidden; they are not duties to perform actions to which the law would otherwise be indifferent” (Shiner, 1994). Police exercise powers with respect to detention and arrest, …

CrimeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 1703
Pages 7
Article “Poking Holes in the Theory of ‘Broken Windows'”

Policing of communities can take form in many different ways. These ways include plenty of patrol day and night. little patrol or no patrol. and or foot patrol. Both of these articles: “Poking Holes in the Theory of ‘Broken Windows”. by D.W. Miller: and “Broken …

Broken Windows TheoryCrimeLaw EnforcementPolitics
Words 552
Pages 3
Police and Law Enforcement Response

Checkpoint: Police and Law Enforcement Response A police officers role in society is to effectively enforce laws, arrest offenders when a crime has been committed, prevent crime to their best ability, preserve the peace whenever possible, and provide services to community citizens in their time …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 839
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Law Enforcement Challenges

There are many challenges law enforcement agencies face when investigating internet exploitation, cyberstalking, and obscenity. Few challenges include overlapping effort, lack of funding, overlapping jurisdictions, and priority. The purpose of this paper is to explain in detail the greatest challenge of law enforcement agencies investigating …

ChallengesCrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
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History of Law Enforcement

Historical development of law enforcement agencies goes back to the United States Constitution. It tells how the federal, state, and local agencies came into existence, and what purpose they were to serve. This report will give details on each separate law enforcement agency, what their …

CrimeHistoryJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 315
Pages 2
Women in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement Essay There are many stereotypes that women in law enforcement field had to face throughout time. Women troubled with being taken serious as a crime fighter, or if a women would ever be allowed to become a police officer, was a …

JusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 865
Pages 4
Describe How DNA Has Enhanced Law Enforcement

DNA has emerged as a remarkable crime fighting tool. DNA has the potential to be the best crime solving tool of the 21st century. DNA has been very critical in solving some of the nations most serious crimes. DNA analysis is a very powerful tool, …

CrimeCriminologyDnaJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 289
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Facing Federal Charges and the Power of Technological Advancements

Looking at the situation at hand it’s was easy to that my Uncle Bob was in a sticky situation. Though he was caught for speeding it came to a surprise that he was placed in back of the squad car. But then I realized that …

CrimeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 902
Pages 4
Terry V. Ohio

Terry v. Ohio Case Project| | | | | Victoria Swannegan| 12/2/2010| | In 1968 a case called Terry v. Ohio took place. This case made a big impact on the police departments of the United States by giving officers more reasons to make an …

Criminal JusticeLaw EnforcementNational Security
Words 777
Pages 3
Law Enforcement Today

Enforcement Today Name CJS/200 October 28, 2012 Instructor Name Law Enforcement Today Police departments in today’s society face a variety of issues such as working in a multicultural society, corruption within the department, the dangers involved in their work, such as violence on duty, and …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementViolence
Words 947
Pages 4
Law Enforcement Cameras

The debate over whether red light cameras are effective or not can cause a great divide among any group of people. Proponents of the cameras say that they are effective in reducing accidents and those against them are adamant that they are only in place …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementPoliceTraffic
Words 318
Pages 2
The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act

Section 1 of the 14th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution affords due process to every individual within its jurisdiction. This goes to show that whoever is in the U. S. territory, whether they are here legally or illegally, are afforded due process of law. …

CrimeJusticeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 44
Pages 1
Ethical Law Enforcement Officers

The paper deals with the significance of ethics and integrity in law enforcement officers. It explains the base for the structure of professional ethical responsibilities briefly describes the basic requirements of applied ethics and explains the course of ethical reason. (more…)

CrimeJusticeLaw Enforcement
Words 40
Pages 1
Law Enforcement and the Aging Process

The mandatory separation clause, or forced retirement at a certain age for police officers was officially upheld in 1996, as the lobbying efforts of the Fraternal Order of Police were successful in pleading their case.  The group argued that mandatory separation should be enforced because …

AgingCrimeJusticeLaw Enforcement
Words 51
Pages 1
Effectiveness of Legal Sanctions

Effectiveness of sanctions in our society today In today’s society we impose sanctions on individuals who break laws of the community. There are many types of sanctions such as; fines, intensive correction, community based, youth training and drug treatment orders, home detention, suspended sentences and …

Common LawCrimeLaw Enforcement
Words 541
Pages 2
A Brief Evaluation of A Law Enforcement Stress Website

Research method has come a long way as technology zooms forward to the cyber-space era.  From the pulp pages of the hard-bound books in the library, comes the digitally encrypted data compressed into what we call cyberspace. (more…)

Law EnforcementStress
Words 37
Pages 1
How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information?

Tammy Mills CJ216-01 November 15, 2011 Carter Schoenberg How the Police Access Data to Obtain Criminal Information Law enforcement communicates between every state in the United States. Each state uses different programs which makes up different types of databases, and keeps track of just about …

CrimeLaw EnforcementPolice
Words 2504
Pages 10
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Law enforcement describes the agencies and employees responsible for enforcing laws, maintaining public order, and managing public safety. The primary duties of law enforcement include the investigation, apprehension, and detention of individuals suspected of criminal offenses.


In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for law-enforcement, like: peace enforcementpeace enforcementPeace enforcement is the use of military force to compel peace in a conflict, generally against the will of combatants. To do this, it generally requires more military force than peacekeeping operations. Peacekeeping involves monitoring and enforcing a cease-fire agreed to by two or more former combatants. Peace_enforcementPeace enforcement - , police, police-force, policing, , europol, fbi and governmental.


Other benefits that many people in law enforcement can expect to receive include extra pay for holidays and overtime work, an allowance for tuition to pursue an advanced degree, increased pay or bonuses for being on call or working irregular hours, and generous and comprehensive health insurance plans that cover .


In general, the power of a government entity to enforce the law through investigations, arrests, and the ability to sue suspects on behalf of the public. In constitutional law, the name for a provision that expressly authorizes Congress to enforce a constitutional amendment through appropriate legislation.

Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to have law enforcement?
Law enforcement is important for a variety of reasons. It helps to ensure public safety, upholds the rule of law, and can help to prevent crime.Public safety is the primary reason for law enforcement. Police officers and other law enforcement officials help to keep our communities safe by responding to crime and keeping the peace. They also help to prevent crime by deterring would-be criminals and responding to suspicious activity.Upholding the rule of law is another important function of law enforcement. In a society governed by laws, it is essential that there are people charged with enforcing those laws. Without law enforcement, there would be anarchy.Law enforcement can also help to prevent crime. By patrolling our streets and responding to reports of suspicious activity, police officers can help to deter potential criminals. They can also investigate crimes that have already been committed and gather evidence that can be used to apprehend and prosecute the offenders.
Why is law enforcement important to the community?
Law enforcement is important to the community because it helps to keep the peace and to protect citizens from crime. Police officers help to deter crime by their mere presence in the community and by patrolling the streets. They also help to solve crimes that have already been committed and to bring criminals to justice.Law enforcement is important to the community because it helps to keep the peace and to protect citizens from crime. Police officers help to deter crime by their mere presence in the community and by patrolling the streets. They also help to solve crimes that have already been committed and to bring criminals to justice.In addition, police officers provide a valuable service to the community by responding to emergency calls and by working with other emergency services to keep the community safe. They also work with community members to build relationships and to promote public safety.
What are the goals and objectives of law enforcement?
There are a variety of goals and objectives that law enforcement agencies seek to achieve. One of the primary goals is to maintain public safety and order within the community. This includes responding to emergency calls, investigating crimes, and apprehending offenders. Other goals may include reducing crime rates, improving community relations, and protecting the rights of individuals.
What qualities make a good law enforcement officer?
A good law enforcement officer is someone who is honest, trustworthy, and has integrity. They are someone who is able to maintain a high level of professionalism and is able to work well under pressure. They are also someone who is physically and mentally fit, and is able to make quick and sound decisions.

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