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Tourist Satisfaction Towards Tourist Facilities

Tourism sector has become the third largest source of income from foreign exchange in Malaysia and Melaka is one of the most significant tourism destinations in Malaysia. Tourism sector has helped Malaysia in many ways. Some of the positive sides are that it helps to increase Malaysian quality of life, and promote Malaysia as a fine and save country to visit.

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As a world class tourism destination nominated by UNESCO in 2008, Melaka has served many tourists throughout the world.

Since 2008, many of the study done were focused on heritage conservation and culture appreciation. A study of service quality is important in order to learn on tourists’ satisfaction towards tourists’ facilities. In tourism management, tourists’ facilities are essential to gain tourists’ loyalty, trust and satisfaction. Based on the survey and evaluation, the basis for recommendation and improvements can be allocated for upgrading the physical plan.

This research therefore focuses on international tourists’ satisfaction on tourists’ facilities and Melaka has been chosen as the case study. This research’s objectives is (a) to identify tourism facilities needed by the tourist in Dutch Heritage Trail, Melaka. (b) to determine tourists satisfaction levels on tourism facilities. (c) to identify the issues related to tourism facilities. (d) to recommend possible improvements to improve the tourism facilities. This research analysed the current tourists’ satisfaction towards tourists’ facilities in Melaka Heritage Sites.

To do so, 100 sets of questionnaire were distributed among the international tourist in Melaka who has experience tourists’ facilities for the purpose of data collection. The data collected were further analysed by carry out Relative Important Index (RII) and spearman test. The results shows that tourists were unsatisfied in certain tourists’ facilities existed despite the fact that Melaka Heritage Sites is the one of the significant tourism destinations in Malaysia.

Besides, the results also revealed that there is significant relationship between some of the respondents groups and satisfaction level of tourists’ facilities. Some of the issues identified in this research were cleanliness, pedestrians, quality of information given to tourists and money changes or ATM machines are taken into consideration. Therefore, several suggestions and recommendations were formulated to enhance the existing service quality of tourists’ facilities based on the respondents’ feedback.