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Honda Cars

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Honda Cars uses in its manufacturing, the state of the art facilities that set standards in the world market (specifically in automotive industry). The company utilized a leading edge painting facility, occupies a full dip paint system based on CED (Cationic Electro Deposition) bath, to guarantee faultless coating, accurate adhesion and anti-corrosion. The cars produce mainly by Honda also guarantees customer’s satisfaction.

Honda employs strict measures to produce quality cars throughout the international market. The produced (cars) are subjected to strict inspection and testing. The company tests the products at Vehicle Quality section to minimize company defects and ensure that cars performed at its crest. Upon release to the dealers, the company determines the products (head and toe, wheel) alignment at the company’s G-SWAT and headlight tester. The company tests the running performance (optimum speed), clutch, breaks, and shifting levels at Brake Speed Tester. Other tests consist of Water Leak Tests, Side Slip Test, Visual Inspection and Simulation Test. This test evaluates the performance of the products at different road condition.

Sales / Distribution

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Honda Cars is mainly based in Japan and its branches are spread in the world market. The company in its home country produces quality and good price to Japan. Over the years, through its success, the company maintained a sole proprietor / producer of Honda cars. The company does not join other automobile companies to expand their production. The company maintained its own stlye and makes an icon in the international market. In the recent years (2000-2007, Honda cars was hammered by other big automobile companies in the world market. The company’s introduction of their products in Europe was thrashed by American and European-based car companies. But, the company is still in the line of making and produce cars in the international market.

General Motors

General Motors / GM was known with its production of unique interiors and bodylines. The company’s goal was, ‘To provide the finest vehicles possible to every customer in every market around the globe.’ General Motors Corporation is the world’s largest producer / seller of cars in the world market. Based in U.S.A., the company is present in 33 countries with an employment rate about 284, 000 people around the globe. In 2006, General Motors produced; “Chevrolet, GMC, GM Daewoo, Saab, Saturn and Vauxhall, Buick, Cadillac, Holden, HUMMER, Opel, and Pontiac”.

The company’s biggest sales in its home country (U.S.A.), proceeds by United Kingdom, Canada, China and Germany. The company made a strategy to expand its production in the world market through Minority Dealer Development. It is bilingual in nature; both the dealers and the company benefit (hefty advantage to the company). It is directed through different companies and directs in human resources (training) and dealership.

Today, the General Motors had access throughout the globe; from country to country, cities from cities, overcoming production of sole proprietors of cars. The company sweeps away competition among other car companies and still leading the automobile industry.

Sales / Distribution

The company focuses in partnership to other car companies around the globe and developed profound relationships to its customers. General Motors is the leading / major stockholder of GM Daewoo Auto and Technology Co. of South Korea and collaborates with Suzuki Motor Corp. and Isuzu Motors Ltd. of Japan. In addition, the company engaged in research and technology advancement with BMW AG (Germany), DaimlerChrysler AG and Toyota Motor Corp. (Japan). Also, the company gambles investing Renault SA of France, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. of China, Toyota, AVTOVAZ of Russia and Suzuki.

GM Powertain under General Motors put for sale GM engines and transmissions. Parts and Accessories are retailed via GM Service and Parts Operations under Gm Performance Parts, ACDelco, and GM Good wrench. This supplies GM dealerships and distributors worldwide.

Salesperson Profile

Salesperson assist customers to acquire what they need and attempt to make them interested in buying your product / merchandise. Retail salespersons are highly ‘in demand’ and competitions in this job are high. Employers do prefer college graduate in sales; college graduate people take an advantage over high school graduates.

In layman’s term, a good salesperson needs to have skills in communication. He / She do not only require good education but also needs to be industrious, creative and with talent in chatting with common people (buyers). His / Her talent in making people believe in his / her products will definitely make him / her best in selling products / produced goods. Employers would definitely choose salesperson with talent rather than a common salesperson.

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