To Kill a Mocking Bird Literary Analysis Essay

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Neolithic Revolution Food: seeds, nuts, fruits, plants (gatherers) Eventually: small to large game (hunters) Hunting = working together, tools, and communication Hunting = migration, move from Africa to Asia Homo sapiens – 100,000 to 400,000 years ago first appear What is the Neolithic Revolution? Neolithic Revolution: agricultural revolution. The switch from hunting and gathering to farming. Agriculture and life style change Men = hunters Women – take care of children, gather plants and fruit for food.

Knowledge that seeds = food = BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! Raise wheat, rice, barely, millet Domestication of animals Leads to plow and fertilizers. From hunter gatherers to food producing = Neolithic Agricultural Revolution Causes of the Neolithic Revolution Change in Climate Rising Temperature Drier land for farming Population Boom What does farming provide that hunting doesn’t? Early Farming Methods Slash-and-burn farming Ashes fertilize the soil After a year or two move to another area of land.

Farming Develops in Many Places Africa: Nile River Valley India: Indus Valley China: The Huang He River Valley Mesopotamia: Fertile Crescent Ch 1 Sec 2: Where were these ancient civilizations? Economic Changes Surplus of food meant people had more free time Artisans (crafts people) created valuable new items (cloth, pottery) Traders profited from a wider variety of goods to trade Social Changes People worked together to solve problems build irrigation systems farm land create cities (urbanization)

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Creation of cities leads to government Some consider: calendar, tools, and writing/reading (education) Social classes emerge 1. Concept of private property Division of labor (specialized jobs) Religion becomes more organized Worshiping gods & goddesses, not forces of nature Neolithic Villages Discovered in the late 1950’s. Famous due to the large size, dense population, spectacular walls, & paintings of the Neolithic life. Catal Huyuk Mud brick Entrance from above Burials under floor Reed mats for bedding

Periodically destroyed and rebuilt above Review Humans initially hunter and gatherers and lived in relative equality. Neolithic Revolution is a food revolution. More food = more people. More people = creation of civilizations. Civilizations = cities, religion, reading/writing, government, division of labor, division of social classes, tool making (tech), concept of time (calendar), free time, education This all leads to civilizations being established in: India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China.

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