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To Kill a Mocking Bird Character Analysis

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"To Kill a Mockingbird," Arthur Raddled is thought to be a cruel and evil person; in reality, he is actually a very kind and generous person. His kindness is evident during the fire at Miss Muddies home. "Boo Raddled. You were so busy looking at the fire you didn't know it when he put the blanket around you. " (Attic's 96). This dialogue shows that Arthur Raddled is actually a very kind, caring person; he realized hat Scout was cold and he put his own blanket around her to keep her warm.

He generously gave Scout the blanket, knowing she was cold and showing sympathy for Scout, who has even mocked Boo with Gem. This generous nature Arthur Ready Dollops Raymond is also another person who appears to be drunk and is disliked by the community, although in reality all he is drinking from his sack is coca-cola; he is actually a very gentle person, which is evident when he tells Scout, "l try to give 'me a reason, you see?

Dollops Raymond realizes that the community dislikes and shuns mixed race families, so he fakes being drunk to give Macomb a reason for him marrying a black woman. He realizes that people would be more uncomfortable around him if they thought he was a N-lover, and instead makes them believe he Is married too black woman because he Is drunk. His reason for 'drinking' shows that he is gentle with the public, so they aren't as uncomfortable with his family as they would be if he wasn't 'drinking.

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Character Analysis essay

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