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To Kill a Mocking Bird Speech

To Kill a Mocking Bird Speech We as white people in 2010 treat black people as equal as we treat another white person. Back in the 1930s this wasn’t the case. Prejudice towards black people was happening almost everywhere, especially in the state of Alabama.

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This was where Harper Lee had decided to base her novel To Kill a Mocking Bird. She wrote this book to show the people the racism, discrimination and prejudice towards black people. My setting is based during the aftermath. I refer to the Anti-climax of the story.

The climax was court case of Tom Robinson where he was charged with raping a white girl. Even know that they had lost the case, the Anti-climax continues the story to either sub-plots being resolved as well as a second climax appearing. Atticus one of the main characters and Tom Robinsons lawyer thought that he won by convincing the people of Maycomb to understand the prejudice of black people during the case. Miss Maudie claims that Atticus is one of few people who can change the views of the residents in Maycomb.

The questions about Boo Radley are finally answered in the sub plot chapter 24. Boo Radley is not black, but the residence treats like one. However, in the second climax that he finally appears and saves Scout and Jem from Mr Ewell. The most common technique used was Symbolism. The title the novel to kill a mocking bird symbolises the common black person and that they are harmless. It takes time until Jem understands this but he finally realises this after the death of Tom Robinson.

By this point Jem finally recognises the black prejudice people use and that he despises Boo Radley for no reason. This made him seem like another racist man. Mr Ewell was portrayed as the bad guy of the story, He possibly beat up his daughter, He attacking Atticus’s children and spat in Atticus’s face. He basically represents a figure of prejudice in the story, and Atticus attempts to fight against it. The anti-climax was to be interesting because although Tom is dead, we see how everyone reacts to it. Thank you for listening.

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