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For the first part of your report, talk about the hardware that is used at Barton hill company. This can include computer components as well as peripherals. It would be beneficial to include pictures in your reports. Hard disk Hard disk is the most important hardware components in the computer. The computer will not work without it because it stores all the files in the computer and the operating systems' files. CPU CPU stands for "Central Processing Unit" it's also on of the main important part of the computer. It is the brain of the computer because it processes all the commands we give to the computer.

There are different types of CPU and each one has the different feature and different size of speed with means if you computer has a good CPU then your computer will be faster, but if it has less memory then you will get a slower computer. Motherboard Motherboard is the main part of computer and all the hardware connects to it by using cables or via wireless or Bluetooth. Here is some of the main hardware that connected to the motherboard, CPU, RAM, Modem, sound card, graphic card and USB ports. The most important component on the motherboard is the chipset.

Different motherboards support processors from different manufacturers. Some of them support only Intel CPUs and the rest support AMD. Each motherboard would have different CPUs sockets according to the various grades of CPUs. RAM RAM stand for random access memory. The RAM is the memory that makes the computers faster and it runs the files. Also if you have more RAM you will have the ability to run more than one application at the same time. For example: browsing internet, listing to music and typing the work without having any problem.

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Almost all the computers at CONEL have enough memory to run more than one piece of software at any time. Printer it is output device which allows us to print out the documents or the picture that we need it to come out of the computer. The printer are connected to the computer by using cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it needs (definition software) [LGH1]it is the CDs that comes with the printer when you buy it; it is like introducing the hardware to the computer. So we install it [LGH2]into the computer so it can work with computer otherwise it will not work if you do not install those software.

There are different printers from different companies and some of them are small and some big but each of them has different (dpi) Dots per inch. At CONEL there is a printer in each class room and all the computers are connected to that printer. [LGH3] CCTV camera is a special type of hardware that gives information if anything happens around the college by recording all the action happens at that place[LGH4]. At CONEL they do not use it everywhere around the college they only use it at the important places such as IT rooms and all the rooms that holds the college's information and student details.

For the second part of your report, talk about the software that is used at CONEL. This can include specialised software as well as general office software. It would be beneficial to include screenshots of software where possible. Microsoft word is application software which allows us to write documents such as letter or making invitation card for wedding or any other events. On this software we can also do basic graphic such as adding pictures into the text, making background etc. Windows XP is system software and an operating system too.

It allows us to run the computer because it communicates with the computer components. Without an operating system the computer will not work and no software will work on the computer because it's the software that allows the computer run. Dreamweaver is application software that allows us to create website easier and much quicker than Notepad. So dreamweaver lets us to create the website without using the HTML code because it does the coding for us. MacAfee is anti virus software that makes the computers secured from harmful files and protects them from the viruses.

Computers must to have antivirus software or they may get damaged by the viruses and lose the data that stored in the computer. Expert system is type the software that designed to perform or find the answers of problems that would usually require the admin of the user with expertise in that field to do. For example Expert systems are used for creating a Diagnose[LGH5] based on a series of Questions (asked by the system) and their answers. [LGH6] Decision Support Systems (DSS) this is type of system that helps to solve problems and make decisions.

For example, we can give a question to this system and exert system will answer it using the setup rules. [LGH7] Task 2 Identify the challenges posed to organisations because of IT developments. Challenges for organisation in response to IT developments Re-engineering of systems is the most challenge because when new hardware or the software invents[LGH8] for the organisations the college will have to re-engineer their systems. This means they will have to update the system or change the hardware to new system/hardware.

This might put [LGH9]the college's budget down and it's a serious challenge that the organisations have. [LGH10] Reducing complex and integrating systems is another challenge at CONEL because the college must to make sure that there is not illegal software used within their system because it's the system that is responsible of all the members registered with the network, so the problem that is facing CONEL's organisation of all sizes is the need to reduce the complexity of using ICT and make sure that software and hardware are installed correctly and configured properly.

[LGH11] Ensuring managers are IT aware is one of the most challenged that CONEL organisation might have because computer language is hard to understand. It's confusing so they have to send their manager employee regular training to re-train them. This will help their stuff to get the right qualification to have less trouble with their system but this will cost the college because they might need replacement employee while their manager is a way for the training.

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