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How to Use Facebook’s Workplace for Small Business

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It has only been a short while since Facebook Workplace has entered the market; however, already it is performing well, by facilitating internal teams collaborating on projects. Companies such as Wal-Mart,, Campbell’s, Spotify, Air Asia, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza and 30,000 other global organizations are using the platform. With the upward trend of virtual workplaces, Facebook Workplace has deftly launched themselves in a sphere that is only expected to continue evolving and growing. Therefore, one can only benefit from reliable tools catered towards enhancing your innovative approach to business.

It certainly helps that people are already familiar with the Facebook brand. As such, the upsell is so much easier; even the Royal Bank of Scotland is already onboard. This virtual technological tool is helping smaller ventures as well, to increase their productivity and survive in a highly competitive business market.

Facebook Workplace Functions

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How to Use Facebook’s Workplace for Small Business

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If you are already familiar with the concept of an intranet, then you have a synopsis of how Facebook Workplace operates. Added to this is a similar design to an already highly popular Facebook interface and you are without the hassles of assimilating your staff to platform, which they are not familiar with. The platform also uses the news feed feature, which is an integral component used to keep employees and team members up to date.

If you your team needs to schedule meetings, then there are no hassles there as well. At their fingertips is the system’s instant messenger tool, which also facilitates video chat. The company can have project teams customized on the platform, and this will make for easier communication and collaboration. As with any good online application, Facebook Workplace can be integrated with other applications, such as Dropbox and Microsoft Office. This allows for more than one team member to access and edit a project document.

The Facebook Workplace system is definitely not rigid because it is further able t grant access to external teams to easily collaborate on existing projects. The features are highly beneficial, especially to companies that have roving employees who travel extensively. Live streaming and company announcements are able to be shared by the click of a button. The system also brings the expected webinar function and allows users to join meetings either on their mobile devices, computer or tablet.

Facebook Workplace Practicality

There is no doubt that start-ups and other small businesses would greatly benefit from this platform. It eliminates the need to acquire expensive applications that provide the same functionalities. It also eliminates the cost to train your staff on a new application. More than one billion people worldwide use Facebook’s social media platform; so once this system is adapted, it will be second nature for the user, who should navigate the system without problems.

Document sharing and inquiries are much more simplified and rules out the need to send and check tedious emails. Response time will be lessened and there is a direct correlation in increased productivity. You might be surprised to learn that Facebook Workplace is not synced or linked to Facebook social profiles. Therefore your business files, discussions, etc. Remain separate from your employees’ personal engagements. Yes, the system still allows for the social friendly interaction; after all, who couldn’t use some creative memes on days when stress is pouring out your ears.

However, most importantly is security. The system uses two-factor authentication which minimizes the risk of your portal being hacked. Your company IT team will have online analytics to track users and manage their access to certain functionalities.

Facebook Workplace Cost

Like many other online applications, there is free access and premium paid access. Only the basics are available in the free plan. These include video calls, video streaming, voice calls, and group chat. The premium package provides far more capabilities without any limitations. The company will have integration features and admin control, with full communication features. The pricing is attractive at three dollars per user. Facebook Workplace users must access the system within 30 day periods to be considered active.

Further to this, certain companies like educational institutions and nonprofits are given use of the Facebook Workplace system, free of cost.


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