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How you hope to use your business school experience and education to impact society

Everything that a man wishes to happen comes at the right time and with a great purpose.My name is (insert your name here) and I wish to pursue a degree in (insert course here) at (insert name of university here).I believe that acquiring more knowledge through the JD/MBA program will make me a more competent professional in the future.

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I anticipate my future with success and dedicate it in giving service to other people. it is in through helping that we achieve success at its most perfect sense.

By having the said degree, I will be an asset in this society because of the vast knowledge I gained from both my academic and professional society. I graduated from (insert previous name of school) with a degree in (insert previous school). I am proud to say that through hard work and perseverance, I was able to finish such course with good grades in most of my subjects. I also experienced having job in (insert name of previous job here) where I work as a (insert name of previous position here).

In this fast changing world, having one degree makes an individual lesser competent than those who posses masters degree. I believe that once I finished the JD/MBA program, I will have greater opportunities to be in a good paying job in the future. Clients will respect me more once they knew that I understand both the realms of business and justice. It will also give me chances of creating my own company so that I can help and serve people.

It is one way of showing my gratitude to the university where I came from because I will make them proud because of my achievements. My business school experience is an edge among other graduates because a JD/MBA will help me make better decisions in the business world. My marketability, knowledge and flexibility are more increased because of the JD/MBA program. I can also relate with other people without disappointing them because I also acquired the right people handling and people relationship strategies from the fellowship at business school.

From all that has been said and done, I look forward to learning more about JD/MBA in this credible institution. I am confident that my future will be successful because I will be completing a degree in an institution that recruits only the best and finest students. I have the right knowledge because this school is armed with wide array of resources on the said field. Moreover, my skills are more enhance because I was trained by professors who are expert on this field.

Having the heart of an entrepreneur, I also look at my future with great opportunities in establishing my own business. As a holder of a JD/MBA degree it is easier for me to raise capital for new business and my credibility is also increased. More people will put their trust on me because they know that I am expert on the said field. My business school experience is a great help not only in my personal growth but also in the upheaval of the society.

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