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Somebody once said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. It there fore becomes important to note that the modern world is full of stress since the means to earn a living are few and requires an individual to toil hard to meet his obligations and advance in the corporate and social ladder. Leisure therefore becomes a vital component of modern society as a way of releasing stress and therefore sustaining an individual’s productivity since stress is harmful and hampers one’s creativity. The acceptance of leisure as an important part of life has led to the growth of the hospitality industry owing to the growth of world tourism.

Consequently, investors have realized the great potential of the sector and have seen the building of several luxury and budget hotels all over the world to cater for the millions of tourist visiting diverse destinations all over the world. Several corporations have seen the need to expand their operations from their home countries to other countries owing to the success of their initial investments. One of these establishments is the Hilton hotel that has enjoyed immense success and has set up base in almost all nations in this globe.

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This undoubtedly makes it the best known chain of hotel in the universe and its reputation has contributed to its popularity and in addition, its profitability. The Hilton hotel is therefore acknowledged as being important not only due to its contribution to the sector but also to the economies of those countries the hotel is based. The immense number of the hotel chains and the nature of the clients in the hotel offer several direct and indirect opportunities to several people. The hotel offers diverse employment opportunities to many in all professions making it one of the largest employers in the world.

The hotel employees several thousands of les skilled labor to perform behind the scenes jobs which includes cleaning of rooms and laundering of linens, towels and other laundry items. In this regard the hotel has gone a notch further and has made a significant contribution to society by employing disabled people to some of these ranks. The hotel employs a significant number of waiters to serve the clients as they dine in these hotels. These people work in the several restaurants and bars found within every branch of the Hilton hotel.

This allows several graduates from hospitality colleges to acquire employment and therefore have the chance to live happy and productive lives. The company also offers immense opportunities to top level chefs since they are in a position to offer them the remuneration packages that their qualifications and experience merit. This provides a motivation to those who want to purse these careers since their many hotels will provide a chance for them when they graduate. After all the challenge of serving some of the most affluent clients will inspire their creativity and enhance their skills.

The running of such a vast chain of luxury hotels is complex and requires immense corporate experience and fiscal qualification. The hotel employs several managers, at various levels to assist in the running of the hotels. This includes human resource management, accounting and marketing departments. This boosts reducing unemployment since there are too many graduates from business schools. The growth of the hotel has benefited other sectors directly and indirectly leading to significant growth in employment. The hotel requires significant supplies ranging from foodstuffs to linen.

In this regard several firms are contracted to provide this supplies therefore leading to increased employment in this companies. The hotel chain also cooperates with car hire companies leading to growth of that sector. Lastly, the hotel offers students a chance to gain vital skills by offering them internships and attachments. Work Cited Katelyn Hudock. Media Alert: New Phoenix Chandler Hilton Hotel to Hire More Than 100 Employees at Onsite Job Fair. 28 April 2009. 7 Jan. 2009. <http://www. articlearchives. com/travel-hospitality-tourism/lodging-hotels-motels/2271742-1. html>.

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