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Hilton Hotel Offers Late Check-Out Option

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Daylight-saving time was conceptualized at the time of the First World War in the United States to conserve energy for the production of materials needed for the war by making use of the later hours of daylight between April and October. For the second time during the Second World War,  the federal government mandated all the states to adhere to the modifications in time. To formalize the changes, the Congress approved the Uniform Time Act in 1966 that standardized the duration of daylight-saving time.

In the modern age, conservation of energy is still the main thrust regarding the adaptation of the change in time. The concept of daylight-saving time operates by "making" the sun "set" one hour later, which results to the time contraction of one hour  between sunset and sun down. As a result, usage of electricity from the April to October have greatly reduced.  Beginning in 2007, Daylight-saving time was extended for one month and began for most of the United States at 2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March and lasts until 2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday of November.  As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest reasons we modify our clocks according to daylight-saving time is for saving energy. In fact, the entire country’s electricity usage decreases by one percent every day because of daylight-saving time.

It is the desire of the hotel that we adhere to this modification and we will greatly appreciate if our guests joins us in our efforts conserving energy. This joint endeavor will  further enhance our hotel-guest relationship. We ensure you that these changes will not affect in any way the quality of our services.

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Daylight saving time does start this weekend. Here are some tips to help you cope up  with the change:

  1. Change your clocks in the afternoon on Saturday instead of the morning on Sunday. You will be able to adjust faster if you start thinking in terms of the new time.
  2. Reset all the clocks in your room, including your wrist watch, the microwave, the time stamp message on your telephone answering machine and the alarm clock. Reset your car’s clock as well. Your computer and cell phone should be able to automatically update the time.
  3. Try to change your sleep schedule by sleeping one hour earlier than your usual time of sleep.
  4. Adjust your schedule of eating. For example, eating an hour earlier for dinner or any meal of the day.
  5. Maintain a light schedule to avoid stress on the day after the time change.
  6. Drink a lot of water through our complimentary bottled water in your room.
  7. Be active by utilizing the facilities of the hotel such as the swimming pool and the gym.

Remember to enjoy the extra hour of sleep in our comfortable beds while you can. And also remember, next year you wont have to fall back until the first Sunday in November. As a hotel we understand that the time change can be disruptive for out guests as they may lose track of the date, forget to change the clocks in their rooms and miss appointments. At Hilton we strive to make our guests go through the time change as though everything is normal. For this to be successful we know we require cooperation from our guests.

In line with this, were are instituting the "Give Back the Hour" promotion. We are offering guests extra time to enjoy the arrival of Spring by extending the check-out time to 2:00 in the afternoon on March 9, 2008 which falls on a Sunday at no additional cost. At the front desk, guests can inquire about this promotion. More so, front desk staff will also inform guests about the extension of their  their check-out time which is free of charge.

Meanwhile, for those guests who will have appointments, you are advised to make a request for a wake up call at the reception. The receptionists will gladly assist you in this matter to make your stay trouble-free. Because of the possible time confusion, your clock could indicate the time at 7:00 A.M. but the actual time is really  8.00 A.M., it will be more convenient if you request for a wake up call an hour earlier before your intended departure. It is our privilege to help you on this confusing matter.

Decoration of Work Areas for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner. Many of the employees would want to decorate their workspaces to enliven the holiday spirit. The company is permitting the decoration of each employee's work area. However, employees are reminded to take the necessary precautions to avoid a accidents within the work premises.

Here are some guidelines on how to safely decorate work spaces:

  • Use decorative lights in areas that are not congested with electrical wirings to prevent the occurrence of electrical short circuits that can lead to fire.
  • Place only minimal decorations to make the work area free from clutter.
  • Remember to unplug lights and other electrical decorations before leaving the workplace.
  • The use of hot lights are not allowed.
  • Be sensitive to the cultures of others in choosing decorations to prevent discrimination and prejudice in the work place.
  • The use of any combustible items or materials such as candles as displays or decor are not encourage in order to prevent the occurrence of fire.

Meaning of Idioms for Non-Native Speaker

  • Across the Board: This idiom pertains to the inclusion of  all categories or members, particularly in an occupation or industry.
  • Ballpark Figure: These words are used to indicate an approximately proper range of possibilities or alternatives.
  • Banker’s Hours: This indicates a short working day.
  • Captain of the Industry: These words pertain to a top ranking person in a specific field.
  • Write off: These words mean to discard something.
  • Turnaround: An idiom that means to return to one's previous way of living or to leave a certain course behind and follow a new path.
  • Red Ink: These words are defined as a financial loss in business
  • Downhill/Uphill: Downhill means towards a lower or worse condition while uphill means towards a higher or better condition.
  • Number Cruncher: These words refer to a person who is able to perform complex and lengthy calculations.
  • In the Black: This idiom suggests being in a hard situation.
  • Give Someone the Green Light: This idiom means to tell someone to push through or to go ahead with a plan or an action.
  • Cut Corners: This idiom is used to indicate that something have been done in a quick, cheap or easy manner that most often than not jeopardizes the quality of the output.
  • Cold Call: This idiom is defined as the telephone call or visit made to someone who is not known or not expecting contact. This is frequently done in order to sell something.
  • Big Gun: This idiom refers to someone who is powerful or influential.
  • Sell Like Hotcakes: This idiom indicates that something is of great demand or have been disposed of quickly.
  • Strike while the iron is hot: This means to seize an opportunity.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

It is the regular practice of a metal or iron maker to strike the iron in order to shape it while it is still hot. By doing these, an iron maker creates the rightful shape of the metal according to his preference. This process is frequently associated with a person's quest to find his or her purpose in life and the eagerness to stir one's life based on his or her liking. As opportunities arise, it is important to handle these chances very well in order to achieve success.

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