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Our group assignment topic is 4 star Hotels. The two 4 Star Hotels that we choose are Corpus Hotel and The Barbara Times Square Hotel. There have many reason that why we choose these two hotels.

Firstly, Corpus Hotel and Barbara Times Square Hotel are near the high traffic area like CLOCK and also Times Square shopping mall. It will more easy to attract people stay at the hotel, they also can shopping at the shopping mall like Pavilion, Assuaging Wang, Times Square or CLOCK directly Just using about 10 minutes from the hotel.

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Secondly, the two hotels also most popular and famous at itty Koala Lump because some people like foreigner, consumer or traveler will find hotel around this hotel. Thirdly, the two hotels also have some advantages to attract us to choose the two hotels for our assignments topic. The advantages of Barbara Times Square Hotel and Corpus hotel are the location are very great and nice view of the hotel especially at the night.

Company profile Name of establishment: Barbara Times Squares Hotel Location: Located right in the heart of Koala Lump Central Business district, Barbara Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre is an excellent spot for key conferencing and banquet functions. History: By the mid-asses, Tan had emerged as one of the most ambitious and most successful of Malaysia's growing class of business tycoons. In 1995, Tan launched a new project in order to highlight his and Bayberry's success in building a wide range of successful businesses.

That project called for the construction of a massive shopping, entertainment, and leisure centre, named Barbara Times Square, in Koala Lump. Work began on the structure that year. The complex at completion was to include more than 900 stores, as well as an amusement park, hotel rooms, and other leisure and entertainment amenities. Covering more than 675,000 square meters, the complex became the largest in the Asian region, and one of the largest such sites in the world.

Progress on the complex was slowed by the Asian economic crisis of the late asses, and the corresponding property slump, which was then exacerbated by uncertainty following the September 1 1, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U. S. Nonetheless, Tan pushed through with the project--which originally remained a personal project and not included within the Barbara Group's financial structure--and the doors opened at the Times Square Complex in October 2003.

Types of facilities Hotel Facilities

  • Banquet Facilities
  • Business Centre Soot Analysis By inflate
  • Conference Facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Jacuzzi / Whirlpool
  • Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Reception
  • Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Squash Court
  • Swimming Pool Room facilities
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hairdryer
  • In-room Safe
  • Internet Access
  • Mini Bar
  • Private Bathroom / Enquire
  • Refrigerator
  • Tea And Coffee Making Facilities
  • Telephone
  • Television

Types of guests that patronized the establishment of Barbara Times Square hotel The types of guest of Barbara Times Square hotel are business groups or individuals, assure travelers, long term stay, relocation guests, military or government travelers and other. First the types are business groups, this type of guest will rent the rooms and meeting room with a long time as finish them business and this number of guests in general more than other types guest. Almost stay in the hotel, focus them things and arrange they presentation. Why the business groups always choose this hotel? Because before start the meeting the authorities concerned with is dispatch someone to arrange the requirements, methods and carefully prepared, arrangement of rooms, catering, conferences and other matters.

Second is leisure travelers, this type of guest will come out on the holiday, because they parents will bring they children to travel as well as some people is individuals. The parents choose Barbara Times Square hotel is because this company got some restaurant, shopping centre and something other hotel did not have like indoor game like roller coaster and blowing. But the individual leisure traveler choose to rent this hotel is because this is a high traffic areas we Just using the monorail and few minutes we can arrived another place. Third is relocation guests, this types of guests may be they souse is fitment or some disaster and they may be will stay in hotel few day or month to waiting them house.

Lastly is the military or government travelers, sometimes the governments will delegated someone to other country to inquiry something and they SOOT Analysts Strengths The strength of Barbara Times Square Hotel is their facilities. Example like swimming pool is as big as possible it separate swimming pool with adult and children swimming pool. It's a good point because one family can together go swimming at the same time. Besides that, Barbara Times Square Hotel has other good mint which is the number of rooms inside the hotel. This hotel has 650 rooms it is possible to provide customer a comfortable and good environment room to rest. The rooms of Barbara Times Square Hotel also have very spacious which is consist of small kitchen and lounge area. The bathroom has separate shower and bath and the toilet is a separate room.

In addition, Barbara Times Square Hotel also provides some special facilities like playground, sport centre and also shopping mall. It can let people who are stay at this hotel spend their time with some meaningful activities eke playing squash, table tennis at the sport centre, doing exercise at gymnasium or shopping at the souvenir shop or shopping mall on site the free time. Weaknesses There have a few of weaknesses about this hotel.

Firstly, the weakness is the restaurant inside the hotel. Because the restaurant is too small especially at the holiday have many customer will coming enjoy their meals but something it will full of people and the waiting people will wait for a long time to enjoy their foods.

Secondly, the weakness is the place of car park. The number car park is not enough or the customer who are stay in the hotel. Although have many customer are going by the ALERT but also have some customer are going by driving car so must prepare more and big place of car park to let the customer park their car in a safe place.

Thirdly, the staff or worker who is work in the hotel are too less until the hotel are not enough staff to serve the customer who are stay at this hotel even the restaurant also not enough waiter or waitress to serve the customer who is eating in the restaurant.


The opportunity of Barbara Times Square Hotel is the location of the hotel.

The location of the Barbara Times Square Hotel is very good nice and great because it nears shopping mall such as Times Square, Assuaging Wang, Pavilion and other it will easy to attract people to stay at this hotel especially for the traveler or foreigner who are tired after shopping a whole day so Barbara Times Square Hotel is the best choose of them to rest and stay. Besides that, the location also near ALERT station and monorail station which are Just opposite the hotel. Many customers who are going by the ALERT or monorail will reach the hotel faster than other transport with about 20 minutes. Threats The threat of Barbara Times Square Hotel is the environment of the location.

The environment of that area will very noisy like traffic noise especially at night because there have many people and transport pass through the area will make air pollution, around the area will make air pollution and sound pollution which that disturb people who are stay at the hotel. Besides that, if shopping mall have events until midnight it also will make noisy until disturb person who stay inside the hotel and after the events finish the environment will become very dirty will make a bad image or the customer especially traveler or foreigner who are stay in Barbara Times Square Hotel.

Barbara Time Square hotel Promotional strategy

F&B Promotion

The Barbara Time Square hotel also has some promotion like F&B promotion. That can be attracting the guests and also increasing their market. Firstly, the package of the F&B promotion is "Buck Pupas or Ray' Banquet".

The price of this package is from ARMS and above per person to ARMS and above per person. So that, there will be a very cheaper price for all of the guests. It is Just 10 tables for the customers. The package is valid from 21 July until 18 August 2012. Secondary, the Big Apple restaurant in the Barbara Time Square hotel also has the package for all of the guests. The package is the Buck Pupas Dinner for the customers. The dinner also includes the live band is singing at the restaurant. It is very enjoy and fun at the restaurants for all of the customers. The price of the package is ARMS and above for the one adult whereas ARMS and above for one children. This promotion will starts from 21 July until 18 August 2012.

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