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The first time filing fee for the Fictitious Business Name Statement will cost $23. 00 because it will constitute of one business name and one registrant. The renewal filing fee for the Fictitious Business Name Statement will cost $18. There will be a subsequent fee of $4. 00 for both first time filing and renewal filing. A fictitious name or DBA name (abbreviation for "Doing Business As") will be officially registered before the company starts functioning. Since there is no intention of opening a shop in the near future, there will be no need to file a "fictitious name" registration form with the government agency.

In California, businesses are registered at the local county hence the legal name that will be thus allocated will be given and registered with the local county clerk’s office. The business trademark will demand a filing fee of $70. The California trademark registration will provide limited trademark rights that will only be executed within California because the business will be located in rural California.

Finding a business Place

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The business will be located in rural California along one of the main highways. To be able to come up with the location, real estate agents will be consulted so as to narrow down the available options.

Real Estate agents will be located through the local county council business listings, on the internet and through the local phone directories. Lease Agreement According to the estimate Lease Costs in California, the basic monthly cost will be determined by multiplying the square footage by the cost per square foot. This will give the annual cost which will be divided by 12 to get the monthly cost. For an office space of 4000 square feet at $35 a square foot, the monthly cost will be $11,667. Common Area Maintenance costs (building areas like walkways, driveways, hallways, and, in some cases, restrooms) to the tune of $10,000 will be added.

Business Statement

The business will aim at providing affordable yoghurt and other dairy products to the middle class and low income market segments Business Location The business will be located in rural areas to ease the deliveries of the milk products and due to availability of cheap labor.

Operation Plan

  • The first stage will involve collecting milk from farmers during the early morning hours up to 9:00AM.
  • The milk will then be put in Gallons and stored for 3 days so that it becomes sour.
  • After 3 days water will be poured from the milk and the sour milk will be stirred thoroughly.
  • The milk will then be put in buckets and saccharin sugar will be added to it.
  • The final product which is yoghurt will then be put into the branded milk cartons and sealed.
  • The yoghurt will then be deep frozen to give it an ice cold refreshing taste.
  • This process will be continuous because fresh milk deliveries will be stored in a separate room from the ready yoghurt from the milk undergoing the fermentation process sour to ensure continuity in the production process.
  • The local county health inspector will be called in to certify that the yoghurt is fit for consumption. This will ensure that the farmers’ market notice of proposed regulatory activity is adhered to as per the requirements of California Department of Food and Agriculture. This further ensures no unlawful dairy marketing products.
  • The ice cold yoghurt is now ready for sale. It will now be delivered by the Business vehicle to retail shops.

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