The Advantages of My Apartment

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A new family moving into the Vista community would have a plethora of housing options. There are just so many flashy ads and advertisements around. It can make finding a place to call home a true chore. But as many families have already found out, there are many reasons as to why the apartments in my neighborhood are some of the most sought after in Vista, CA. Especially in comparison to my previous residences such as Marine Corps barracks, my current apartment has many advantages that would make it a wonderful place any family would be proud to call home. First of all, for its size, the apartment is very affordable.

During my 3 months of apartment shopping, I could not find a more sizeable apartment for the price I pay. It is only twelve-hundred dollars per month for two bedrooms and two bathrooms when some other properties charged nearly that price for a studio or single bedroom unit. Also, the rooms in the apartment are very large. We have a large master bedroom, and the guest bedroom is big enough for my wife and I to store all of our extra belongings as well as a twin bed and a computer workstation. In addition to those, my apartment also has an immense amount of storage space.

There are walk-in closets in both bedrooms, extra storage outdoors, and there is even a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. Although, as much of a selling point the size and price were, if not for the great location, we still may have kept searching. Secondly, the apartment is in a great location. For one, it is very close to the business district. We are within a few miles of many grocery stores, shopping centers, movie theatres, and many other attractions. Also, it is within walking distance of several public transportation hubs. The buses and trains at these places travel all over, to San Diego and Los Angeles and everywhere in between.

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Another example of the apartments’ great location is that we are close to our friends. We live only minutes away from many of our friends. Furthermore, since we only have 1 vehicle, my wife can always simply call a friend if she needs to run errands or shop, due to the fact that we live so close together, so as not to cause a hassle. Another huge advantage of my apartment is the level of tranquility it retains. A third advantage my apartment has is how tranquil it is. One reason these apartments are so peaceful is the fact that there are no pets. Since pets are not allowed, the apartments are always almost eerily quiet.

This is great because on could sleep however long they want to without being rudely awoken. Also, we do not have to worry about barking or other animal sounds interruption my television watching, music listening or whatever else I may be doing. Another reason for the tranquility of the apartment is due to the face that there are very few young children. This is nice because my wife and I have no children with the other young couples around us. Moreover, we do not have to worry about the cries of little children disturbing us during whatever we may be doing at the time.

Going hand in hand with the tranquility of the apartment though, is how helpful and courteous our neighbors are. A fourth reason my apartment is advantageous is that my neighbors are very courteous and friendly. One example of this is how our neighbors always have helped us when we were in a bind. On one occasion, the battery in my car suddenly died and one of my neighbors unselfishly dropped everything he was doing and drove his car to mine to give my battery a jump start, enabling me to go to the store to buy a new battery.

Also, on many occasions, our neighbors have taken our wet clothes from the community washers and changed them over to the dryers, alleviating us of having to do the task ourselves. In addition to how helpful our neighbors are, they are also quite courteous. As far as the adults around us, while they do listen to music and other things like most, they do not listen to it at absurdly loud levels so as to disturb the people around them. Furthermore, the few children that live around us are obedient and do not cause excessive noise when they play.

But at any rate, even with all these upsides, I would have never chose my current apartment if not for how good and kind the management is. Lastly, an advantage our apartment has is how kind and efficient the management of our apartment is. First off, our management is very kind. They know the tenants by name . Even from the day we first picked up our house keys from the office, the people inside welcomed us by name, which was very reassuring to us. Also, whenever we pass by one of the managers, they always greet us. Though, most importantly to me, the management always address our complaints expediently.

For example, when my wife and I first visited our apartment before we moved in, we had to complete a pre-occupancy checklist. While there were not many discrepancies, the few that we did note were fixed before we even started moving into our new home. Even since then, all of the problems that have arisen in our apartment such as; burnt-out light bulbs, faulty appliances, broken hot water heaters, and so on; were addressed immediately. Finally, at our apartment complex, every tenant has assigned parking spots only for our vehicles. On multiple occasions, I would find other peoples’ cars parked in my spot.

All I needed to do was inform the management of someone in my spot, and the problem was taken care of right away. As you can see, my apartment has a lot going for it. All these reasons like; a good location, the level of tranquility, its’ roominess, the friendliness of the neighbors, and the quality of the management, make for a wonderful neighborhood, and a great place to bring your family home. Now, having been educated, the choice of where to call home should be quite simple. I gladly made mine, and have not regretted it for an instance

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