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Neighbor’s Apartment

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I didn’t have any second thoughts when my neighbor in the apartment invited me to come along and spend the night with his party celebration. It is at least two years now since the last time I joined one when my friend had a farewell party who was to leave out of the country. For such reason, being invited by my neighbor was a good chance for me to experience once again what it is like to get acquainted with people and celebrate a particular special moment in the celebrant’s life. My neighbor’s party was all about his successful promotion at work.

He was once a sales agent for realty properties in a medium scale company in the city. He has worked for the company for about 10 years as a sales agent and was really very satisfied with his work and the amount of money he has been getting. Suddenly, he was promoted by the general manager as the new site supervisor. To celebrate such achievement, he threw a party in his apartment one night. Since we’ve known each other for about five years now, it was easy accepting his invitation. My neighbor invited his guests from different segments of his life background.

All of the apartment’s tenants were supposedly invited but I saw only at least a few known neighbors present that night. Maybe some of the tenants had some other commitments or things to do for not attending the party. Apart from the neighbors, his office mates were also invited. A couple of them seem to have already worked for the company for a long time while some are still young professionals. Also, some of the party owner’s relatives were invited as I saw a few of his cousins and siblings at the living room.

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Neighbor’s Apartment

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I’ve also known them in the past five years since they frequently visit my neighbor. Generally, the party was a very formal one in my opinion. The event provided a very good relaxing atmosphere for conversation and small talks in knowing acquaintances. There were no loud sounds but very smooth types of music were played the entire night. I didn’t see any children in the party. Also, the food was great with a whole set of catered meals and some light liquors. On a personal observation, my neighbor’s apartment seemed to me a little crowded in terms of fixtures.

At the living room, some of his office stuffs were to be found only that they were set aside at the corners to provide more spaces for the guests. The furniture were also a bit old but were still comfortable especially the sofa. When I got a chance to go to the kitchen, it was really very small and cluttered compared to mine back home. The lighting for the entire unit was a little dim. This gloomy feel of the apartment was also enhanced by the pale colors of the walls which were at a brownish state of deterioration. The two windows of his room were also covered with dark colored curtains which used heavy fabrics.

The unit’s atmosphere would have been hot during that night if not for an air conditioning unit. That equipment too seemed to be a very old one with some rusty parts in the control panel while the case was a bit yellowish. All of these factors simply provided a good impression that my neighbor’s unit was very old fashioned in terms of style. I just wondered if my neighbor’s earning were really at an optimum level before his promotion since I didn’t really saw improvements in his unit compared to the last time I went there.

Even though my personal outlook of the unit was a little gloomy, I noticed that he has some very good appliances in his apartment. I thought the flat screen LCD TV in his living room was at least brand new. It really gave a very contrasting side on the situation of the unit’s atmosphere. He also has a state of the art music system just beside the television unit. It was a bit odd for such old apartment unit to see a complete home theater system more expensive than mine at a home.

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