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Technology During The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution would usher in a new era type and publication, particular with Lord Stanhope"s invention of the all cast-iron printing press, doubling the usable paper size and drastically reducing the use of normal labor. In 1810 the halftone process was developed, allowing for the first photo to be printed on a range of full tones. This in turn introduced a wave of sensationalist tabloids and the launch of a new craze: celebrities.

Tabloids like the New York Daily News and the New York Daily Mission prohibited photo spreads [sometimes real, sometimes manipulation] of stars like Rudolph Valentino with eminence success. One reason that it was so successful was that it reduced the manpower it took to run the press and all though movie stars sure loved those new presses. These days, our lives are much easier than before, from new inventions such as cell phones and 'pods. But to answer this question I have to go to the books.

As technology advanced and mass production flourished, cities in Europe and the United States grew rapidly as people sought employment in factories. Political power shifted from the aristocracy, to the capitalist manufactories, merchants, and the working class. The capitalist replaced the landowner as the most powerful force in the western world. Investing in machines for mass manufacturing became the basic for change and industry. As this supply and demand became the force behind the output. It was a time for optimism and wealth, but not without it's social cost.

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Long thirteen-hour days, unsanitary and filthy living conditions, women and children among the workforce, overproduction, economic depression, and the loss of Jobs due to new improvement in technology took their tolls. Critics of this new industrial age declared that civilization was shifting from humanist values to a preoccupation with material goods. But with all this new technology, public education, literacy flourished nd the need for reading material became more important and widely available.

Mass production of goods brought with it an overpowering need for mass communications. The nature of visual information was profoundly changed. A greater range of typographic sizes for broadsides and letterforms exploded. The nineteenth century was a prolific period for type face design and brought about such new classifications as egyption and sanserif, as well as outrageously decorative and novelty type faces.

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