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Swot Au Bon Pain in Malaysia

Strengths * Au Bon Pain has the most successful overseas franchisee at Malaysia’s geographic neighbor Thailand. The similarity between these two countries might smooth the expansion of the business in Malaysia. * Au Bon Pain customized its menu in every operating Asian countries, this can be adapted to Malaysian market as well.

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(e. g. , poultry-based meat is favored by majorities). Like in Thailand and South Korea, beginning Au Bon Pain’s business plan with cafes in prime office locations (targeting foreign and local businessmen) might work as Kuala Lumpur is one of the economic centers in Asia-Pacific area. * Au Bon Pain has a tradition to support charities. Meanwhile, Malaysia has one of the highest Gini coefficients in Asia, poverty rates also vary significantly from state to state. Weaknesses Au Bon Pain is a new brand while Malaysians term to put a | Opportunities * Increasing consumer awareness in nutrition value and food fortification for healthcare * Malaysia’s Economic Transition Plan calls for real GDP growth of 5-6% per year over the next ten years. * The service sector makes 44. 9% of GDP, Malaysia’s development plan has a target of 35 million tourists in 2020 * Malaysia is the third largest producer of poultry meat in the Asia Pacific region.

Malaysia is self-sufficient in poultry, pork and eggs * More and more hectic and stressful lifestyle in urbanized Malaysia contributed to the growing demand for convenient fast food * Malaysian consumers take to eating out more frequently, which boosts foodservice volume sales in 2011 * Increasing consumer awareness in nutrition value and food fortification for healthcare has created the demand for functional/healthy minimally processed fresh and organic food * Most of the respondents prefer to dine at western fast food restaurants than local fast food| Threats * Malaysia has a Muslim population of 60%.

Most retailers, foodservice operators and food manufacturers are inclined to ask for halal certificates for non-meat based food products and ingredients. * Malaysia’s rising inflation rate dampened consumer spending in Malaysia during 2011. | SWOT: Au Bon Pain in Malaysia