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No Pain No Gain

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„No pain, no gain” It’s completely true that you can’t accomplish anything without going through some sort of pain. Life is brutal. If we dream to be successful and victorious in something that we want to achieve, we have to prepare for a lot of hard work and some ups and downs, which will bring us some thoughts to give up. Who said that life is going to be easy? No pain, no gain. Is this statement totally true? To start with, we have to endure much during life nowadays, in order to achieve the social and material status desired by so many people.

You have to go through a lot of pain, especially moral pain, because you often feel unsatisfied and discouraged. The key point to success is motivation. Without motivation you will achieve nothing and you will be not able to withstand the cruel road to success. Motivation is something that push you to work harder, makes our goals achievable and helps to beat all the pain and problems, which disturb us. In addition, I will give you an perfect example, which superbly shows difficulties of assiduous work to achieve some kind of success. This is athlete’s lifestyle.

They have to completely devote themselves to be the best in their sport domain. They risk all their future, I mean school, knowledge, relationship, to be on top and successful. They often have some moments that they think it was bad decision and that they do have no motivation and power to continue this hard lifestyle, so they think about giving up. But when these athletes will grit their teeth, keep hard working and feel the taste of success, all these problems will vanish and they will be happy that their hard work brings awaited results.

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No Pain No Gain

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All things considered, if you want to be victorious in your work, you have to break some impediments and if you find some strength to do this, you will be totally satisfied and fulfilled in your job. That’s why you have to realize that nothing is going to hand itself to you – you have to work for it. And if that means going through some pain, it doesn’t matter, for if you work hard enough, you’ll definitely get some gain out of it.

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