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Summary Of Back Pain And Pelvic Fracture

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Back pain is a common symptom which is usually traumatic and work related. It can either be of acute or chronic form and it mostly influenced by different psychosocial factors. There has been a lot of different clinical evidence indicating the effects of various therapies such as Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs usage and the use of Acupuncture. The epidemiology of the back pain indicate that about 70% of adult will experience the symptoms in their lifetime, 25% consult the doctor while about 75% have back pain a year later even after consulting their doctors.

Those psychosocial factors include compensation issues, marital problems and work dissatisfaction. Acute and chronic forms of back pain are usually difficult to distinguish and once distinguished, the management is quite different. Management of acute back pain can be classified into major and minor forms of management. The major focuses on advising the patient to stay active, cognitive behavioral therapies and the use of NSAIDs and muscle relaxants while the minor management includes Acupuncture, back schools and TENS.

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Management of chronic back pain entails exercise, management programs (the patient taught how to handle the psychosocial issues, sleep hygiene), analgesics and ligament injections. Acupuncture and manipulation can also be used to manage all the chronic form of back pain but the effectiveness is yet to be ascertained. The hallmarks of managing both acute and chronic form of back pain are basically alleviating the pain and keep the patient active. This is as a result of the recurrent episodes of the symptom which is seen in most back pain patients.

The patient can be taught how to manage the exacerbation associated with the condition. In recent times there has been evidences supporting a combination therapy in managing the forms of back pain. The roles of Acupuncture are to reduce pain and increase the patient’s activity. The patients that need acupuncture have been found to be those with mechanical problems, nerve root irritation and the red flag groups. Patients that can’t tolerate NSAIDs, Warfarins and those that don’t need urgent hospital admission can also be managed with acupuncture.

The use of acupuncture in the management of the chronic form of back pain is much difficult than it use in acute conditions. Timing and the type of acupuncture are major controversies surrounding the administration of acupuncture. These two factors are majorly influenced by the practitioner’s training and experience, patient’s tolerance to the available types of treatments and availability of appointment. Pelvic fracture is a type of bone fracture involving the bones that forms the boundaries of the pelvic cavity (Pelvis).

It is commoner in the growing teens especially those involve in the contact sports and the elderly mostly as a result of the osteoporosis( causing a less dense bones). The fractures could be as a result of avulsion of muscle tendons during sudden contraction or falling astride. Some results from from impact sustained during vehicular accidents. The symptoms ranges from severe pain, swollen parts to bruises with most affected individuals trying to adjust their limb to prevent the pain aggravation. Excessive hemorrhage when occur can lead to shock. Patient with this form of fracture needs an emergency care.

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