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American Red Cross is a non-profit organization that is characterized by the spirit of volunteerism. With its national headquarters established in Washington, DC, it is able to have a wider reach in terms of the services it renders to the national and international scene. This particular organization is chosen for review and assessment as it is considered as among the most visible, reputable, and strong organizations. The several years of its existence has proven the reliability of the organization in times of great need for different communities all over the world.

The organization collaborates with different groups from the government and the civil society in order to attend to the needs of the people who need it the most. Partnerships have been a vital key to the volunteer work that they carry out as the jobs they carry out require spirit of cooperation and harmony, which are among the elements they build on. The organization accepts financial donations from people that are used to purchase the relief goods that are needed during times of disasters.

Due to the cost of resources, effort, and time that is associated with receiving goods in kind, the organization discourages such (“Frequently Asked Questions,” n. d. ). In every disaster that happens, the organization, through its volunteers, attends to the specific and immediate needs of the communities. There are relief operations that are immediately launched to give the fastest possible response. In addition to this, the organization continuously engages in blood donation activities.

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There are means devised that enables them to reach out to the public with the message that every drop of blood donated is for a good cause. The blood bank maintained by the organization makes access to safe blood easy for the community. In conclusion, the American Red Cross is among the organizations that are worthy of recognition from the national and international scene. Likewise, goals are made possible through the volunteerism and advocacy the members uphold.


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