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The True Definition of a Strong Team

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The True Definition of a Strong Team What is a team one may ask? The formal definition of team is “a number of persons associated in some joint action” (Team). A group of athletes, a group of employees, or a group of friends can call themselves a team when united to complete a common goal. Truly any group of individuals can call themselves a team, but only when this group possesses the right characteristics is when they can be called a true, strong team.

Being a strong team is much more than getting a group a group of people together and declaring it is a team. A strong team is constructed with more than speech; it deals with strong feelings, dedication, and hard work. Strong feelings provide great importance when construction a strong team. Whether people are part of a sport team or a work force, they all must possess the characteristic of having strong feelings for the situation they are placed in. If the person’s feelings are so strong, he/she will be more than willing to strive for that goal.

If he/she did not care much for the situation they are placed into, they will most likely not strive and excel and unfortunately, the team will suffer by the goal not being reached. When each individual in a team has strong feelings toward the completion of or reaching that goal, a strong team is reached. Everyone, apart of the team, who has those strong feelings are on the same page allowing them to strive together with a great feeling of passion. When this passion is reached, every team member will know exactly how to complete their team goal with their inner feelings.

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When a team all has the same feelings toward a common goal it shows the strength of the team as a whole. A team may all have a strong feeling toward completing a goal, but each individual has to portray many other characteristics in order to become a strong team. With strong feelings, teams can reach many goals. But in order to complete and achieve more challenging goals, a strong team must posses’ dedication. Dedication is a very important characteristic that every great team out there acquires. Dedication requires individuals to do the best they can always.

For example, always showing up for dance class, always being on time for dance class, always being at every rehearsal, and so fourth. When portraying the dedication attitude, others will envy that and respect the fact that this individual wants to be apart of something much greater than any individual. Dedication can also be portrayed through showing respect for the team. This can be done by putting others first. If every member of a team is willing to put others before themselves, a team will be able to accomplish goals the never thought they could before.

Dedication is a characteristic every team must have in order to be called a strong team. A strong team that possesses dedication are the teams heard to be accomplishing phenomenal goals, not only because they are extraordinary at their sport, but because they have the passion and dedication of being apart of a team. Dedication is a possession that truly great teams have and with dedication comes hard work and if you are dedicated, you will work hard! Working hard is something each individual must provide their team.

By working hard, a team will become stronger and will learn how to work together by working off each others’ strengths. Working hard means that people always put forth their best foot and try their hardest at all times. Through hard work, individuals will mold themselves to become better, along with helping others improve. When a team is able to work hard every day and put forth everything they have, that team will strive. In the end, what that team puts in is what they will receive out and each individual is going to get stronger through their teams improvement.

Undergoing these strong feelings toward a goal will help the team succeed. Hard work will better the chances of completing this unique goal the team holds. Dedication is a key characteristic in all teams. Dedication most importantly makes the team not only stronger as individuals but as a team. Dedication builds the base for a strong team and hard work keeps that team functioning beautifully together. These characteristics will give that passion to excel towards a sport, job or any such life goals. When each of these characteristics are reached, I give the permission to call themsel

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