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A Strong Business Leader

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Many of us have the perception that a leader is an all- knowing being, who stands and commands his subordinates at all cost; but this perception is archaic.In the 21st century world, where things are more global, and nothing huge gets done without some kind of complicated system, relying on traditional business leadership practices may stunt growth as a successful leader business. Successful business leaders in 21st century are defined and evidenced by some questions.

Are you courageous enough?

Great business leaders dare to be different. They do not just talk about risk-taking, they actually do it.A business leader should be able to build the emotional stamina to withstand conflict. During my years in high school, I became very passionate about recycling and met a few people who shared the same. We decided to introduce a recycling club called the cleaning committee. Despite the challenges from the students and doubts from the authorities of the school, we still managed to overcome it all and if this doesn't spell out courage I don't know what else would.

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A Strong Business Leader

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Where are you looking to create the next change?

Is the change relating to your life and environment? Great leaders are not head-down. They see in between problems and shape the future rather than just reacting to it. The cleaning committee was responsible for ensuring cleanliness and recycling of items. This club also went to the extent of providing finance to the boarding school, since we usually sold our recyclable items to companies for money. This little organization brought about a lot of change, providing people some form of responsibility as well as invoking creativity in these students.

What is the diversity of your network?

A successful business leader should be able to develop relationships with different people. The difference could be in terms of culture or politics. Business leaders should understand that having a more diverse network is a source of pattern identification, because it involves working with different people from different cultures.

This experience, as the head of the cleaning committee, helped me get out of my comfort zone. I also got the opportunity to work with different people hence helping me to make long lasting networks, this also motivated my colleagues and I to be more risk averse. In a few years, I see myself becoming a network architect. I will be responsible for designing computer networks and also dealing with network layout. I will also be responsible for developing systems that suit individual company needs.

In conclusion, Hult is more than a business university, because it provides a global network for its students to reside in, I believe this will help me establish a more diverse network by participating in rotation programs, hence studying at different parts of the world.Hult gives its students the opportunity to put the theory in to practice. This will allow me to give solutions to some real-life problems, hence allowing me to have a first-hand experience as a network architect.

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